Property Management Charlotte NC Tips for Dealing with Overdue Rent

Property management Charlotte NC might have strict rules about paying rent in time, but some tenants still default on their rent payments. For rectifying the situation of overdue rents and late payments, it can cost money and effort. Sometimes the property owner could be at a loss as to what action can be taken. Hiring a lawyer and going the legal route can work out very expensive. Here are few tips for the property owner who would want to avoid lengthy and costly legal evictions.

Make Sure the Rent is Late

This is quite easy when property management Charlotte NC has an automated system flagging rental due dates of each tenant. However, it is always better to crosscheck the date with the lease document. Many states do not specify any legal grace period for paying rent, and therefore it is important to include a clause in the lease agreement that specifies the allowed grace period, which could be three to five day period after the due date.

The lease should also specify a late fee that can be charged, if the tenant defaults paying the rent even in the grace period. If the lease agreement does not include a clause regarding late fees, the property owner cannot decide to charge retroactively.

Notice for Late Rent

When the rent is overdue, the tenant should be served a notice, which is a written reminder telling the tenant the rent is past due. The notice should also clearly mention the total amount due along with the late fees, and it can carry a warning of further legal action if the rent and late fees are not paid soon. Such late rent notice can be served personally to the tenant by the property manager or it can be taped to the door if the tenant is trying to avoid property management. Even though a late notice is not required by law, it can serve as evidence in court of the tenant’s delinquency of not paying the rent.

Contact by Phone

After the late notice is served, and the tenant does not respond soon, property management Charlotte NC should get in touch with the tenant by phone. However, there should be only one call, as repeated calls could amount to harassment.

Notice of Pay or Quit

If the tenant does not pay the rent even after the phone call, a Pay or Quit notice can be served. This will be a more official notice compared to the late rent notice sent earlier, and will show the tenant that the property management is quite serious about eviction. The notice should clearly state a date by which the tenant has to pay the overdue rent or face eviction. The notice should be delivered in person or stuck to the door, and a copy can be emailed as a backup. 

Legal Eviction

If the tenant does not pay up by the date mentioned in the Pay or Quit notice, then the only option is to hire an eviction lawyer to start the process. Check out the legal eviction process in your state, though you probably already know the pertinent laws. But state laws on this matter do differ so you should understand the legality of the situation.

How to Reduce Maintenance and Repairs Costs with Property Management Charlotte, NC

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Maintaining a property can work out quite costly, and repairs costs can drastically reduce profits for the property owner. One of the important tasks of property management Charlotte NC is to have a working and operable strategy to keep repair and maintenance costs to the minimum without affecting the condition of the property or jeopardizing relationships with the tenants. Here are some paramount points to consider while planning.

Plan Right from the Start

When you have a kid at home, you think of childproofing your house. Being a property manager Charlotte NC is not much different, and you have to think of tenant proofing the property. Consider each element of individual units and of the entire property, and see whether they can be easily damaged. Replace things that need much care or regular maintenance, with things that are hardy and can take a lot of wear. Generally, tenants are not going to be careful about things in a rented home, as they would in their own home, and therefore it is prudent to install durable materials and appliances.

Repair Contracts and Insurance

Most appliances are prone to malfunction sometime or the other especially, washing machines, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Therefore, it is important for property management Charlotte NC to have a repair contract or insurance with a reliable appliance repair company. This way, you will not only have a fixed budget for appliance repairs, but also the repairs will be done in a timely manner. Particularly when there are multiple properties, having repair insurance can certainly and sharply reduce maintenance costs. 

Schedule Pest Control

Many tenants notice pests, but do not report them immediately. By the time property management gets to know about it, the property is usually infested and a few tenants may have already chosen to relocate for better accommodations. They certainly have posted some of this on their Facebook page or told some friends that their location is not the cleanest place to live.

Hence, it is important to hire a pest control company who will not only perform schedule checks but also take care of infestations at a much lower costs. Secondly, cost of pest control services will work out much less, compared to the cost of repairing the property after an infestation, especially it is termites.

Screen Tenants Effectively

Most of the tenants who cause damage to the property are repeat offenders. Such tenants change rentals frequently, trash the place, and lose their deposit. Therefore, simply calling the previous property owner or property manager will reveal a lot about your prospective tenant. A tenant might have the perfect credit score, and a marvelous job, but that does not mean he or she will not be messy or destructive.

Schedule Regular Checks of Units

Property management Charlotte NC, should maintain a schedule for inspecting the property at regular intervals. Property manager has the right to inspect each individual unit; however, sufficient notice should be given to the tenant before carrying out the inspection. Many small things like plumbing leakages or faint mildew on the walls will not be reported by tenants. However, these things can become major issues if they are not attended to on time. 

Property Management can Leverage Facebook Presence through Community Events

Gastonia property management can focus on the events held by the apartment community to improve their Facebook presence. Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing events like a pool party, open house, or even lease-up events. It is the largest social networking site, and each Facebook user is usually connected to about 75 events, groups, and community pages. Leveraging social networks is the best way of forming better relationships with existing tenants and prospects. Here are some tips that can help promote community events on Facebook.

Strategy and Planning

It is first important to form a strategy on how to use Facebook for Gastonia property management. From the staff team select a person who is most socially active and having the maximum number of contacts. Such a person will be ideal for leading and organizing the required strategy and planning the operations. Once you have decided on the event, you need to consider carefully what would be the best date for holding the event. People should be relatively free to attend the event, and property management should have enough time for spreading the news of the event.

You need to create a fresh entry on Facebook for even events that are held monthly, as Facebook does not have any solution for recurring events at present. Promotion of the event should begin a few days before you create the event of Facebook.

Creation on Facebook

Creating an event on Facebook is quite straightforward. Log in, go to your profile page, and find the Events tab. Under that tab, click on the See All link and then on the right top corner of your screen click on +Create an Event.

In the form that opens, provide the where, what, and when information. Make sure you provide a catchy title for the event and use a photo to attract attention. It is better to have photo of people rather than simply the venue, for receiving a better response, and certainly more of them. You could use photos of people attending a similar event in the past.

Sharing Invitations

There are many ways to share event invitations through Facebook. First obvious way is inviting Facebook friends. However, consider the local nature of your community event and select people who are locally available or those who do not mind travelling. Another window to open for sharing invitations is to include email addresses from your database by copying and pasting them. This is a strategic and prudent way of inviting people who are not connected with Gastonia property management through Facebook. Another way is to post the event on your profile every week, until the date of the event.

Promotion of the community event can also be done by:

  1. Posting flyers at local businesses and in common areas
  2. Including the Facebook event link in email signature
  3. Posting the invitation on Social Ads by purchasing them on Facebook
  4. Include the event link on Gastonia property management blog and website
  5. Make the event picture as your profile picture

Dealing with Difficult Tenants

Dealing with Difficult Tenants

One of the major challenges facing property managers is dealing with difficult tenants. No matter how much work you do to check people out beforehand someone who has the financial makeup is going to slip through that carries with them a personality that is difficult to work with.

It is integral to maintain fantastic relationships with all the tenants, but this task becomes very difficult when certain tenants cause trouble. Gastonia property management considers four types of tenants who can be arduous and stressful to handle:

  1. 1.Loud Tenants - These tenants are always causing disturbance in the neighborhood with their loud music, fights, or crazy parties. They have no consideration for other tenants and only think about themselves.
  2. 2.Destructive Tenants - These tenants are messy, untidy, and tend to break things. Even though they do not own the unit, they will not hesitate to punch holes in the walls, use the appliances roughly, and will not bother if their pets chew up the carpets.
  3. 3.Tenants who are always Complaining or demanding - Some tenants never seem to be satisfied with whatever services are provided. They will be asking for upgrades, maintenance, and repairs all the time. They usually have very high expectations and are not willing to settle for anything less.
  4. 4.Tenants who Avoid Paying Rent - These are highly elusive tenants who do not want to or are unable to pay their rent. It is quite difficult to get them on the phone or meet them face to face.

Bad or difficult tenants have to be handled diplomatically but firmly; otherwise, they can spoil the whole atmosphere, and cause issues with other marvelous tenants as well. Gastonia property management recommends the following tips for handling difficult tenants.

Provide Correct Information from the Start

Before a tenant moves into the unit, make things clear as to what he or she can expect. The lease or rental contract should be clear about the services that are provided and the maintenance tasks that are undertaken by the property owner. Secondly, have a clear-cut policy about cleanliness, noise levels, and the complaint reporting procedure. Do not paint a rosy picture, or promise services or an environment that you cannot provide.

Rules, Regulations, and Penalties

Apart from making it clear what the tenant can expect from property owner, it is also necessary to communicate, what is expected of the tenant while staying on the property. The tenant should be clear when the rent has to be paid, the expected noise levels, the expected behavior with other tenants and so on. There should also be fines and penalties in place to deter tenants from violating any of the rules. Especially, fines for late rent payment or penalty for not paying rent should be made clear from the start.

Better Screening Process

One of the best ways of dealing with difficult tenants is to nip the problem in the bud, by not allowing such people from becoming tenants. Gastonia property management emphasizes the need of having an effective screening process, which includes performing credit checks, background checks, researching references, and talking to previous property owners who have lent their units to them. This will greatly reduce late rent payments and other legal complications.

But, as said before, it is almost impossible to do a background check on someone’s personality and whether or not they have an affable nature. 

Beyond Rent Collection - The Evolving Face of Property Management Charlotte NC

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The role and responsibilities of property management Charlotte NC has evolved much beyond mere rent collection and paying bills. A property manager now develops marketing plans for the property, arranges insurance, plans and collects bids for renovations, provides tax information, improves landscaping, oversees security of the property, ensures compliance to government regulations, coordinates maintenance, and hires, motivates and manages staff.

For accomplishing these multifaceted tasks, the property manager has to evaluate and react to varying events and market conditions, be up to date with latest technological developments in the field, improve relationships with tenants, and find new ways to improve profitability of the property.

Branding Strategies

Property management Charlotte NC is now a specialized service tackling various issues, as insurance requirements, lender regulations, government legislation, taxation and accounting issues, and environmental concerns become more specific and complex. This has resulted in a consolidated marketplace that depends on branding for developing unique image based on specialized management services.

Property managers are crucial for not only developing the brand identity, but also for managing and maintaining it. One of the best ways of surviving during an economic downturn is a clever branding strategy. A positive image of the brand goes a long way in retaining existing tenants and getting new ones quickly and easily.

Since maintaining strong tenant relationships is the key to a branding strategy, property managers should focus on resolution of tenant problems quickly and efficiently. There should also be an efficient system in place that informs tenants how their complaints are being handled and when a resolution can be expected. This will dramatically reduce tenant dissatisfaction and complaints can be resolved amicably without resorting to outside mediation or litigation.

Efficient Web Portal

For providing a positive service experience, it is integral for property management Charlotte NC to maintain an efficient web portal. Such a portal can provide multiple solutions from convenient rent collection to placing of work orders. Maintaining an online help desk for answering queries of tenants and receiving their complaints can greatly improve relations. The website can also be used for implementing work orders, and dispatching company’s or third party service personnel to resolve the maintenance issues. This not only improves management of various operations but also eliminates the need of on-site presence of the supervisor or manager.

Changing Role of Property Management in Leasing Market

Property management Charlotte NC has a bigger role to play in understanding the leasing market locally. There has been an increase in the lead-time of leasing, due to complex government regulations on renovation and construction, and rise in leasing rates. Property managers now have to work closely with leasing personnel and clients for anticipating the requirements of tenants and implement the necessary changes in infrastructure and other areas before the lease is finalized. Fortunately, property management companies now have access to server platforms that can connect with company networks for running applications through a proprietary client or a web browser.

Property management Charlotte NC has to look much beyond rent to stay ahead in the game, and identify new strategies for adding value to properties and building a positive brand image.   

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