Find and retaining fantastic tenants has become imperative in the current economic environment. The right tenants will ensure a steady stream of income. While a property management company can help you in this endeavor, as a landlord, you also have certain responsibilities to ensure your property attracts the right tenant.

Of course, the location of your rental property is important. But that will get just so far. Thereafter, it all depends on what your property can offer prospective tenants. Here are 3 simple yet often forgotten home improvements that you can do to attract the right kind of tenants.

1. Enhance Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to boost the curb appeal of your rental property is to make the yard look magnificent. So, get out that lawn mower and mow the overgrown grass. Plant vibrantly colored flowers along the walkway and also make sure you, the trees, bushes, and shrubs are pruned to look neat and kempt.

You also can improve the curb appeal of your home by slapping a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the property, changing the mailbox, and patching up the driveway to look welcoming and inviting.

2. Stage the Interior

This is a property for rent. So, the last thing a prospective tenant wants to see is your personal clutter and items. What you don’t need, get rid of it. The rest should go to long-term storage. Remember when tenants come to inspect your property, it should be like a blank slate on which they can draw and make plans. With distractions and clutter out of the way, tenants will be in a better position to envisage how it would be to live in the property.

3. Scrub those Floors

One of the first things prospective tenants will notice is the flooring. So make sure flooring in the house is clean. Hire a cleaning company to dust, vacuum, and mop the floor, so that it shines and sparkles. Professional cleaning companies know exactly what kind of floor cleaner to use for different types of flooring. If you can’t do it, ask your property management company to get the floor spotless. Make sure the carpet is deep cleansed to get rid of dirt and germs. Also, this will make the carpet smell fresh and clean.

It is crucial you work with the property management company to stage your home in an attractive manner for tenants. And these three tips will go a long way in ensuring that.