If you own a rental property, it is time to give it a few upgrades, so that you can get more monthly income. These upgrades can increase the value of the property and also make it more attractive to prospective tenants.

1.     Landscape Your Garden
It is always easy to go overboard while landscaping the garden of your rental property. However, refrain from it. Remember tenants want to visualize themselves living in the place. So, if you go overboard and make the garden too showy and decorative, it may frighten or push away some tenants.

They may not like the amount of maintenance that the garden requires. Hire a professional landscaper to prune and trim the trees and shrubs and mow the lawn. You also can get the landscaper to plant a few low-maintenance plants in the flower beds. Hang a few flowering plants in baskets at the front entrance. Also, place a few potted plants near the doorway. These few landscaping tricks will make your property appear more welcoming.

2.     Install a New Front Door
The door will be the first thing in the house that prospective tenants will see and interact with. So, it pays to get a new door fixed. It gives an impression that you maintain your property well. If you think it is too much of an expense, then replace the handle of the existing door and repaint it to look new and shiny.

3.     Upgrade the Appliances
After your tenants move out, you may find problems with the appliances. Some problems could be due to misuse and others due to normal wear and tear. Instead of holding onto these appliances, get new ones or repair the ones that can be salvaged. Prospective tenants will love new appliances that are energy efficient and make their lives easier in the kitchen and home. It also shows you go out to ensure your tenants are comfortable. This speaks volumes about you as a landlord.

If your appliances were already remarkable and the previous tenants only lived in the property for six months or even two years, you may not have to do this. Now if they lived in the property for several years, then perhaps you may or want to go this route.

4.     Change the Lighting
Not only does a well-lit room look bright and cheerful, it also helps highlight the aesthetics of the room. So, if you have dull and dim lighting in your property, it is time to give it a makeover. Install bright lighting in the kitchen, family room, dining room, and living room. If some fixtures are broken, replace them. In the bedroom, stick with soft, warm lighting. Make sure the garden too is well-lit.

These are a few upgrades that will help increase the value of your rental property. Speak to your property manager to find out other ways to make your property more tenant-friendly and attractive.