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A Property Manager’s Guide to Tenant Control in Residential Buildings

An inevitable part of owning real estate is the necessity to interact with tenants and handle the problems that often arise. While such interaction is an integral part of a property manager job, an experienced property manager would have developed several methods to control tenants diplomatically.
Controlling Your Emotions
Keeping tenants under amiable control provides a more congenial environment which makes the premises more attractive to potential tenants. Successful property management involves an effective level of control without being overly authoritative.
Same Page
Property managers have the responsibility of collecting the rent from tenants on time. A sterling property management rule is to ensure that the rent is paid on the day mentioned in the lease agreement. Sticking to this rule ensures there are no misunderstandings and the tenant knows what is expected.
Respecting Property
Another responsibility of a property manager is to ensure that tenants respect their rental homes and apartments, something that’s not always easy to enforce. This way the manager makes certain that unnecessary repairs are avoided which is a cost savings to the owner.
Respecting Others
Peaceful surroundings are critical for which tenants must respect their neighbors. The manager has to set out rules which define how neighboring tenants should interact with each other and also to respect quiet hours.
One serious issue which often arises is keeping control of the noise level, especially in rental condos. This is an issue a property manager has to take seriously. The manager has no option but to exercise his/her authority should a tenant get out of line and become a nuisance to their neighbors. Some property managers adopt a policy of issuing a succession of warnings before resorting to action.

A Bane on Society and Communities

If a tenant is found to be a drug user the lease should be terminated the lease immediately. Drug users tend to have more than the normal amount of visitors and could possibly attempt to steal from their neighbors because they need to convert items into cash so they can support their addiction and curse. Character flaws which might not have been apparent initially might begin to appear. Drug users could become a nuisance to their neighbors apart from bringing the building and the property management company into disrepute. If a building does develop a bad reputation this is certainly going to be a deterrent to new tenants in the future.

A Rental Management Company for the Ages

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