Mostly properties gain popularity by the amenities they provide. When property management considers the requirements of millennials and baby boomers, they might seem different, but there are many similarities, and amenities need not be tailored for any one generation. Here are some of the important amenities that most tenants look for in a property.


Storage Space


With size of units becoming smaller, most tenants, whether they are young or old, require smart storage solution. People gather belongings and they need a place to store all their things. The unit should have adequate closet space, and a number of cabinets, especially in the bathroom and kitchen area. Apart from storage solutions inside the units, many tenants appreciate storage units nearby that they can easily access.


If there were, space available on the property, building storage lockers or allotting basement space would be an acute idea. Many tenants now also want a place to store their bikes, and providing bike storage lockers could attract many prospects.


Welcome Pets


According to recent studies, about 32% to 35% of millennials and baby boomers have pets. Hence, it is a tremendous idea to provide special amenities for pets, such as pet park area that has adequate space for walking or running dogs. Property management could also consider including obstacles and tunnels in the pet park to make it more interesting. Welcoming the pets into the community by posting their photos on the property's Facebook page is also greatly appreciated by tenants. 


Fitness Center


Both generations are equally interested in fitness and health, and providing a fitness center or gym can make a big difference. Tenants will love it, when they simply have to walk to the gym, instead of spending time on a long commute. However, exercising equipment should be chosen carefully, which will appeal to both generations.


Open Floor Plan


An open floor plan will help in making smaller units appear larger. Secondly, most tenants prefer this type of floor plan, as it opens up more spaces, and connects areas having different functions. For instance, people now prefer a kitchen that is openly connected to the living room without walls or corridors. This type of design is especially preferred by tenants who entertain often.


Type of Appliances


Stainless steel provides a clean and attractive look, which is preferred by most tenants. Even though steel appliances need a hefty investment initially, they work out cheaper in the end due to better durability. Secondly, whatever appliances are provided in a unit, property management should make sure they match appealingly. Having a white dishwasher, brown refrigerator, and black stove, could diminish the looks of the kitchen. Along with the appliances, tenants should be assured about quick repairs and maintenance, if anything goes wrong.


Laundry Facilities


A washing machine and dryer in every unit is huge plus, but if this is not possible, then at least consider common washers and dryers for tenants in the basement. This is much more preferable than taking a ride to the Laundromat with dirty laundry. Anything is more appealing than that.