Outdoor space is often not given the importance it deserves in property management. Simply having a decent landscape or inviting lawn is not going to cut it, especially when there are new properties coming up in the neighborhood. Indoor amenities and fantastic ambience are no doubt important to renters, but most prospects, especially the millennial crowd also check out outdoor spaces before making a decision.

What do Renters Look for in Outdoor Spaces?

The landscaping should obviously be appealing and should blend aesthetically with the environment. Apart from this main requirement, most renters look for recreational space and facilities. Millennials are particularly looking for playgrounds for kids, game courts, a jogging track, and a pool. These facilities not only provide the ideal environment for exercising but it also promotes social interaction, which is now quite important to modern renters.

On the same lines, a barbeque facility is another major attraction for most tenants, since it provides space to entertain and hold parties. Finally, renters look for adequate lighting in outdoor spaces. Bright lights not only enhance the beauty of the outdoors, but also play a strategic role in keeping the area safe and secure.

How can Property Management Improve the Outdoors?

Building a pool or installing a game court would definitely spruce up the outdoors and increase the value of the property, but these projects involve hefty investments. On the other hand, there are certain projects that do not cost much, and help in improving the outdoors considerably. Here are some ideas, property management can consider for enhancing outdoor space on a budget and curtailing maintenance costs.

Switch to LED lighting. Since this lighting consumes less electricity, property management can install brighter lights and yet keep utility costs to the minimum. LED bulbs are costlier to purchase, but they will work out cheaper in the end. The transition to LED lighting can be done in a phased manner in order to avoid a huge one-time investment.

Promoting Health

Laying jogging or walking tracks on the periphery of the lawn or around the boundary of the property can certainly improve the value of the property. This might involve a major investment depending on the size of the property, but it should help in reducing vacancies and property management can even consider raising the rent for providing this visible convenience.

A simple landscape that is well maintained attracts more people, than a fancy garden that is poorly maintained. Simple things like removing weeds and mowing grass regularly, do not cost much, and yet can greatly boost the ambience of the property.

Be on Top of Your Game

If you have provided barbeque facilities then make sure the grills are kept clean and the area is kept tidy. A poorly maintained and dirty barbeque area will be a turn-off, and renters will not even register the fact that you have provided this amenity. In fact, any outdoor area that is kept cluttered or dirty will spoil the ambience of the whole property, and even if you provide salient indoor amenities you will find less takers since one is canceling out the other.