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Creating a Good Lease

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The lease is the most important part of most rental agreements. This means that there is quite a bit of pressure on getting the lease just right. It often takes new rental property owners a few times to get everything just the way they want it, and many feel the need to update it and add new clauses often. Every landlord has a different style when it comes to crafting their lease, and every tenant has a different style of lease that they prefer. Making sure that you create a solid lease is something that needs to have quite a bit of time put into it and can be an exhausting process. However, finally getting what you want out of the lease is well worth the trouble that you need to put into it.
Naturally, most people will go to a lawyer in order to help them draw up a fully articulated lease. This helps to ensure that everything important gets included and the correct wording is used so as to close any loopholes a tenant may find. This is a rare occurrence, but it has certainly been known to happen. It is always better to be safe than sorry in situations that include your income.
The best advice that we can give in regards to drafting a lease is to make a list of things you want to include. These can be things like how much the rent is, what day of the month it is due, what the pet policy is, what amenities are included in the rent, and anything else that you may find to be useful. It never hurts to ask around to see what others have included in their leases, and some may even offer you a copy for you to base your own off of.
If any of these ideas are not something you find to be useful or if you don't have the time to do this yourself, Talley has your back. We do offer lease preparation as a service which you can receive from us along with many others. Simply take a look at our webpage to see what else we may offer. We are certain that you can find at least one thing that you will benefit from and we are more than happy to help.