Dealing confidently with tenants is critical to effective property management. Surprisingly tenant phobia is common amongst property managers, and they tend to either ignore tenants or allow tenants to set the rules. Both situations are disastrous, and they can lead to much more complications and legal troubles. Hence, property managers should learn to deal with tenants confidently and professionally, without being scared or rude.

It is Easier than You Think

The main aspect that shakes the confidence of a property manager is the objections raised by tenants and the right response that is required in that situation. However, you will find that there are only certain numbers of objections tenants can raise, and in time, you will know that these same complaints are made repeatedly. Based on this information, all you need to do is patiently hear these complaints, and with experience, you will learn to provide the expected response for the situation.

Improving Your Negotiating Skills

Sharpening your negotiating skills can help a lot in dealing with tenants confidently. The best way you can learn to be an adept negotiator is by learning from your mistakes. So you should keep notes about why negotiations took so long, or why they failed completely.

Next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you will be much better prepared. Additionally, keep notes of what worked as well. However, never show discomfort while communicating face to face with tenants. Once they realize you are out of your comfort zone, the will try to take to advantage of you. 

You may want to have a witness or someone else with you that you work with and also to record the conversation just in case there is any fallacious tenant accusations.

What You should never Say to Your Tenants

You should never say to a tenant that you do not have time or you are too busy to listen to what they have to say. Tenants will immediately form an opinion about you that you are rude or that you cut corners.

In such a situation, tenants will start responding accordingly, and you will find that they have started to pay their rents late or they are not following the terms of the lease agreement. It is a natural tit for tat response on the part of tenants, when they feel you are ignoring them or not giving a fair hearing to their complaints or requests.

However, there will be times, when you really may not have the time. In such a situation, you only have to phrase your words appropriately. Instead of being dismissive by saying you do not have room in your schedule for that day, put it more positively by saying you are going to attend to their request shortly.

How to Respond When You do not Deliver

In property management there will be many instances when you are unable to keep to deadlines or finish the repairs by the promised date. Even in such situations, you can still maintain your confidence and professional attitude. Respond by giving another date of expected completion, and you do not have to provide a list of reasons or excuses why the job could not be completed on time. The main reasons for the delay can be mentioned briefly, however, avoid entering into an argument with the tenant.