It is the legal duty of the property owner or property management to deliver a clean unit when a new tenant moves in. Similarly, tenants are also required to keep the unit reasonably clean when they are moving out. However, this rarely happens, and property managers have to hire cleaning contractor, to make sure the unit is tidy and clean for presenting to new tenants.

For property managers who are making all these efforts and incurring these costs, why not let the new tenants know the amount you have invested in preparing the unit for them. Better still, rather than explaining what has been done, you could provide invoices of the cleaning service. Apart from providing the invoice copies, the cleaning service can also be referenced in the inspection report.

Obtain a Detailed Invoice

However, a simple invoice from the cleaning contractor will not do, since the tenant is not going to know what exactly was done to the unit. So it would be much better to turn over an invoice that mentions in detail all the areas that were worked on, and the different types of surfaces that were cleaned. When you present copy of such an invoice, then the tenant will also have the opportunity to check out all that was done to clean the unit. This is why it is prudent to reference this invoice copy in the inspection checklist and report.

Here is a general list of items that should be included in the invoice:

Additionally, these items can be checked by tenants and you could have them sign off on the property inspection report, confirming all this work was completed.

In the Event of Discrepancies

If tenants find any discrepancies or if the cleaning in a particular area is not up to their standard, the invoice will prove that you had it commercially cleaned and are in accordance with the cleaning schedule.

However, it is marvelous and astute practice to entertain objections of the new tenants about the standard of cleanliness, even though the unit has been cleaned by a professional service. Thank them for their feedback, and ask them to list specifically the cleaning that was sub-standard, and if their complaint is genuine then you should remedy those items. 

Why do all this?

Tenants usually have no idea about the cost that goes into cleaning a unit and making it ready for them. When you show them how much you have invested in pre-tenancy cleaning, it will clearly demonstrate that you care for your tenants and about the property. Tenants will start to respect your commitment and they may respond by keeping the unit in stellar condition as well.