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Fire Safety Essentials for Property Management

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), around 80% people die in homes when there is a fire. Another startling fact according to the American Red Cross is that only about 25% families develop and practice a fire escape plan. These statistics show that fire poses a major danger on properties and unfortunately, most people are not prepared to deal with such situations. This means property management has a quite a big responsibility and a major role to play in saving people's lives in case of a fire.


A Period of Heightened Risk


With the onset of the holiday season and the New Year, there are more chances of accidents taking place that can cause a fire on the property. When many families do not know what to do in the event of fire, and there is no proper escape plan the result can be catastrophic in a community. Hence, the first thing property management should do is implement fire escape plan for the different units on the property.


Contingency Planning


Print the floor plans of the different units and make sure to include all the emergency exits. This will provide tenants, a marvelous idea about the possible escape routes they can take in the case of a fire. Explain to tenants, the steps they should take when a fire breaks out. Instruct adults in each unit to plan how they are going to take responsibility of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities in their household.


When adults know, whom they should be taking care of, it can save valuable seconds during a fire. Property management should not only develop a fire escape plan, but also hold mock drills two times in a year.


Safety Precautions


Another major responsibility of property management is to install smoke detectors and fire alarms on the property, and make sure they are kept in working order by regular inspections. According to NFPA, functioning smoke alarms, cut the mortality rate by 50%, and they have been a major factor in decrease of fire-related deaths in the past three decades.


Property management should install the latest smoke alarms, which are much smarter in detecting smoke from real fire compared to nuisance smoke that is a result of cooking or some such safe activity. Most people disconnect smoke alarms because they do not want it going off due to nuisance smoke.


Modern Structures Burn Faster


The time it takes for a house to be completely engulfed in a fire has reduced drastically. About fifty years ago, it was eight times slower for a house to be completely gutted by fire because there were much less synthetic petroleum based materials in the house compared to today.


Property management should take note of the fact that even though synthetic materials are long lasting and easier to maintain, they can cause fire to spread very fast and for the fire to burn intensely. Hence, consider the fuel load of materials and the potential of major losses in a fire. Synthetic material may seem economical but when compared to the devastation they can cause in fires, they may not be so appealing.