According to studies, 20% of tenants usually cause 80% of the headaches to the property owner or property manager (not that different than the numbers for criminals and crimes in society as well). The problems can include constant complaining, not paying the rent on time, destructive behavior, and causing problems to other tenants. Hence, a few bad tenants can seriously disrupt endeavors of Gastonia property management to improve business and returns on investments. The only effective solution in keeping such people from becoming tenants is by having a working and comprehensive screening process. 

Prequalifying Applicants

The process of screening actually should begin even before meeting the prospective tenant. This can save a lot of time and effort, since the property manager will know if the applicant could be a good fit, before the task of showing the property and discussing the terms. The manager mainly needs to attain answers to certain questions, which will provide outstanding clues if the prospect would be acceptable as a tenant. When the applicant shows interest in the property, he could be emailed the following questions:

  1. How many individuals are planning to stay in the unit?
  2. Do you have pets? How many? What are the animals?
  3. Are there any smokers in your group?
  4. What date do you plan to move into the unit?
  5. What is your current income or the income of the co-signer of lease agreement?
  6. Have you faced eviction notice or have you been evicted before?

These questions can provide a salient idea whether it is worth the time and effort to show the person the property.

Show the Property in Person

If the prospect has passed the above pre-screening process, it is time to show the property. It is better to check the ID of the person who turns up, to make sure the same person who has answered your questions has come, and not a friend who is checking out the property for the applicant. Secondly, it is better if the property manager shows the property to the applicant, as it gives a chance to meet the person face-to-face and have a chat, which can reveal many things about the person.

Tenant Screening

All that has been gathered up to now has been to save time and effort, and does not qualify as the actual screening process. Gastonia property management tenant screening is a comprehensive process that checks previous rental history, criminal records, and finances of the prospective tenant. A thorough screening should include the following checks and searches:

Tenant screening has to be elaborate, and it does cost money. However, the advantages of performing a thorough check far outweigh the expenses of having to deal with a problem tenant. Gastonia property management can do the whole process in-house or hire a reliable service to perform this duty.