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Going Green in Property Management

Going Green in property management

More and more people are starting to appreciate green initiatives, and certain tenants are not averse to paying more rent for properties that are focused on saving the environment. However, property management still has to tread carefully before committing to going totally green, as there is a substantial percentage of people who would not want to be inconvenienced, or pay more for green properties. Green initiatives can be brought in gradually, and it can be implemented in certain properties that have a local demand for such measures. Here are certain steps that can help the property implement green solutions.

Metered Utility

Installing equipment to meter utilities can help property management keep track of consumption, and maintain efficiency standards. This might attract a proactive crowd of tenants who have similar ideas for protecting environment and saving resources. Prospective tenants who search for such properties will be more inclined to manage their energy usage optimally, which will bring down shared costs of utility in apartment complexes.

Focus on Recycling

Start with the property management office, where program for recycling paper and ink cartridges can be initiated. Make the recycling program known to everybody, by displaying a prominent sign. Take this initiative further by encouraging tenants to do the same by placing convenient bins that will help to recycle cardboard, paper, aluminum, and plastic. If the recyclable material fetches money, it can be used towards purchasing eco-friendly lighting and other environmentally beneficial initiatives. 

Green Lighting

Steps should be taken to phase out incandescent lighting, and switch to CFL and LED lamps, which are, much more energy efficient. Incandescent lamps are available cheaply, as they have been overstocked, but they work out more expensive in the end. In fact, many prospects now ask the property manager, why olden type bulbs are still being used, when they are touring the property.

Overall Changes

There could be certain practices existing on the property that may seem not so eco-friendly, and this might discourage "green" prospects. Here are certain aspects to consider, when you are trying to build a green reputation for the property.

  1. oIf the property has a nice pool with beautiful surroundings, it is definitely going to attract prospects. However, make sure there is not any strong odor of chlorine or any toxic chemicals emanating from the water. Such odors might indicate, property management does not care about what they use to keep the pool water clean.
  2. oAnother major attraction for tenants in any property is the landscaping and the well-manicured lawn. However, make sure the service vendor sticks to sustainable eco-friendly practices. This would include use of proper fertilizers that are mainly organic, growing only those plants that need lesser water, especially in arid areas, and energy-efficient equipment and vehicles.
  3. oWhile inviting prospects, a delectable layout is always welcome on the refreshment table. However, make sure to avoid Styrofoam cups and plates, since that does not provide a green impression.

Taking care of these smaller details will make a sunny impression on prospective tenants, who are looking for eco-friendly properties. Additionally, make sure to communicate and advertise your stance on the environment through newsletters and Facebook postings.