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Hiring Maintenance Staff

The major part of property management involves regular inspections of the property, and repairs and maintenance tasks. If the property were very small, then hiring a contractor would be a marvelous idea to attend to the repairs and maintenance when they crop up. However, for bigger properties it would be cost effective to have in-house staff.


Once you have hired trustworthy and efficient maintenance staff, it will not only make the job much easier, but you will also save lot of money, which will improve returns. However, hiring such a staff at a reasonable rate could be a daunting task and here are some tips that can be helpful.


Clearly Define what is Expected


Firstly, before hiring anybody, you need to be clear about what you would like the staff to do. You must jot down all the responsibilities that the proposed maintenance staff is to take up. You might feel most maintenance tasks are of general nature, but it is important to match your requirements with the qualifications of the staff, you are planning to employ.


For instance, if the property has a particular boiler system, then you would want someone who has knowledge and experience in handling issues with such systems. When you are specific about responsibilities, you can find the best staff suited for the maintenance requirements of your property.


Advertising Job Requirements


After you have clearly listed the responsibilities that you would want your maintenance staff to take up, then it becomes easy to prepare an ad to attain or receive responses from suitable candidates. If your requirements are vague, then you will have to sift through many candidates, which will be a big waste of time. The advertisement should clearly list responsibilities, and the possible challenges the staff will have to face in the job. Additionally, do not ignore your specific requirements, even when the candidate has been referred to you by someone you know.


Interviewing Candidates


Before you start interviewing candidates, it would be a sound idea to make a list of questions that are important to you. Avoid time wastage by asking practical and specific questions, which will reveal the suitability of the candidate for the jobs you have in mind. The first few questions should reveal whether the candidate meets your general requirements. If the candidate is promising, then you could ask another set of questions that are more specific and elaborate.


You could create certain scenarios that you feel are most likely to occur on your property, and ask the candidate, how best he would handle the situation. This will test the candidate's knowledge and his decision-making skills.


What to Look For


Apart from specific skills and experience, it is important to know the character of the person you would be employing. Candidates with drug problems or prison records should obviously be avoided. If the person has worked in a similar capacity before, ask for the reference and the reason why he has left the previous job. Additionally, make sure the candidate is responsible, and can manage the work independently & professionally.