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How a Property Manager Handles Your Property’s Maintenance

As a rental property owner, it makes sense to collaborate with a property management company. Besides getting the right tenants and ensuring proper rent collection, the dedicated property manager will also help in the maintenance of your property, saving you money and future headaches. They may even save you from serious legal matters by preventing you from having to deal with tenants which can be troublesome at times even if you do vet them.

Here are some ways that property manager from property management companies handle the maintenance of rental properties.

Emergency Repairs

Emergencies come without warning. A burst pipe, heating not working in the dead of winter, or blocked drain are some emergencies that require prompt action. The moment you call the property manager, he will arrange for emergency services to fix the problem, even after hours. This will save you the headache of running around trying to fix something that is broken or not working. You can inform your tenants to contact the property manager for emergencies, but be clear on what constitutes an emergency.

Determining Tenant Neglect

Property managers are outstanding and judicious professionals. This experience allows them to determine what is tenant neglect and misuse and what is fair wear and tear. This way, the landlord is not held responsible for it. When property gets damaged due to tenant neglect, it is the tenant who has to fix it at his own expense.

Authorized Repair Limit

When you have a property management company handling your rental property, the agreement you sign with the company will clearly mention the value for repair limit. This basically means the property manager can sanction repairs to the tune of that amount.

Anything over and above the amount will require your permission. So, it makes sure the authorized repair limit is reasonable that lets the property manager handle maintenance issues without delay and also does not suck your funds dry. With this clause, you ensure your property manager has the leeway to fix maintenance issues quickly and keep tenants happy.

Property managers always work with licensed and insured vendors, so that you are not held liable for anything. Since property management companies handle many rental properties and offer contractors high volume of work throughout the year, you can rest assured knowing you will get quick service and competitive rates. This helps you save money on rental property maintenance without you even realizing it.

Doing Things the Smart Way

So, if you are a prudent landlord, you will work with a property management company that offers you a dedicated property manager for your rental property. The manager will handle all maintenance-related issues, leaving you free to expand your rental business or focus on other professional pursuits.