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How to Acquire Positive Reviews in Property Management

How to Acquire Positive Reviews in Property Management

One of the major tasks of property management is effectively marketing the property to lower the vacancy rate. The property manager can use many online tools and social media to improve the visibility of the property. However, many prospective tenants like to read reviews of existing tenants, before they make a decision. This means the website should have a sizeable amount of positive reviews from tenants, which ultimately comes down to keeping tenants happy. Additionally, satisfied tenants should also be prompted to write an online review and share their experiences with others.

Soaking Up Positive Reviews

Prompting tenants to provide reviews can be a little tricky, since you do not want the property website filled with negative reviews. Most people think of writing a review, when they are not satisfied by the service or product. Hence, the property manager should first make sure the tenant is happy, and then request a review. For instance, if the manager has recently solved some issue for a tenant or completed some repairs in a timely manner, then such times are ideal for asking a review.

Timing Matters

However, make sure the tenant feels the issue was taken care of promptly. It is better to have a chat with the tenant and gauge their reactions, and ask them if they were satisfied with the service. If the tenant seems happy and in a positive mood, then it is the ideal time to request a review.

Most people do not have the time or the inclination to provide a review, which could be because of their busy schedule. Therefore, it is very important to make the task of giving a review extremely easy and fast for the tenant. The best way to handle this would be to send an email after providing a service or resolving an issue. The email can contain a few questions that require only a few clicks to answer.

Certain Details

Sometimes a tenant may be displeased about something, which is actually not directly related to the property or the management. For instance, there might be some construction work going on near the property, and the tenant is not happy with the noise. Even though this is not actually the fault of the property, the tenant might voice this in a review, which might seem a negative comment about the property to a reader. In such a case, the tenant has to be reminded to provide the full story, and include the part about the noise not being on the property and not being anything the property manager can do anything about.

Property Managers can Post Information & Comments Too

Even if a tenant has made a negative comment in a review, then the property manager can take steps to resolve the issue immediately. The tenant can be asked to offer a detailed account of the problem, and attempts should be made to fix it as soon as possible. Once the problem is fixed, the property manager should ask the tenant to provide a comment about the service. The property management should also post comments in the review page, so that readers are aware that the management is playing an active role in resolving issues.