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How to Respond to Requests of Tenants?

Tenants will always have requests and some of these requests may be challenging for property managers and their teams. The entire schedule may get messed up or the request may be something that you just can’t handle. But either way you need to take your resident’s requests into consideration before giving them a yes or no answer.

You can use these tips when you are confronted by a situation involving resident requests:

1. Let them know you would like to help if it is within your capacity

Make it clear that you understand what is being asked of you. However, do not promise that you will take care of things without considering the request first. Tell the tenant you understand his needs and will do your best to help if possible. They may be asking too much out of you in terms of your money or in terms of your time.

You do not want the renter depending on you for too much or really that much at all.

Never give your residents false hope or even apologize for something that is not your fault. This will make the resident feel like your services are lacking in some way. If there are any legal or medical regulations or policies that prohibit you from fulfilling a resident’s request, let them know about it. Informing tenants that you have to maintain certain legal responsibilities and safety measures will prevent them from arguing with you.

2. Give them an alternative

Never say “no” directly to special requests from your tenants. See if you can offer an alternative before shooting them down. Consider a situation where the request of the tenant goes against the rules of the property owner. Inform the resident about the owner’s rules and arrangements and how his request cannot be facilitated. However, if the renter still urges you to reconsider, take it up to the home or land owner and ask him if an alternative can be provided or at least if they can meet the tenant’s request halfway. Providing an alternative will ensure the resident that his business is valued by the property manager.

3. Prepare your staff to deal with special requests

Special requests made by clients are always challenging, which is why they need to be dealt with in a specific manner. Device a standard response for various special requests that may conflict with the policies mentioned in the rental agreement. The standard response will ensure everyone on your team gives the resident the same response instead of different conflicting ones that could confuse him.

Remember you are running a business here. So keep your cool and don’t get into an argument with the tenant. Train your staff in such a way that they can handle these high pressure situations without breaking or cracking.