Seasoned investors know the value of a competent property management company which is why they never attempt to manage their own properties. Managing a property is a complex business and the very presence of a reputable management company elevates the standard of the property.


Talley Properties Inc. of Charlotte, NC has been managing home rental properties in the Charlotte region and beyond, for 3 decades now during which time it has carved a reputation for being the best in the business. Over this period Talley Properties has put in place checks and balances which have made it the most efficient property management company in the area.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit by listing your property with Talley Properties.

Property Management

This company’s forté is rental properties, more especially apartments and homes for rent, though it also manages condos and vacation home rentals. In fact if it’s anything to do with home rentals, Talley Properties is the management company you should be talking with.

Shouldering the Responsibilities

Over the years, Talley Properties has developed a sixth sense. It has a nose for a good tenant to rent homes to, tenants that rent longer, pay on time, cause fewer problems, and incite significantly less wear and tear on a rental home. They screen prospective tenants as thoroughly as if your property is a high-security zone. But even then, there are occasions when things go wrong and a tenant has to be removed or forced to vacate the premises. Talley Properties knows just how to handle such situations with a minimum of strife, financial and legal implications. With Talley Properties the landlord always comes first and it takes the brunt of any animosity or friction, making sure that you are at no time vulnerable and/or at risk for a potential lawsuit.

Widespread Clout

This Charlotte property management company keeps abreast of rental housing trends and maintains your property in pristine condition to command premium rental rates. It also knows how best to market your property so that vacant time and rooms and spaces are drastically minimized. Talley Properties has established a reputation for a low tenant turnover rate, so saving thousands of dollars during every turnover process. It makes certain your tenants are content and in the know and their grievances are addressed with alacrity. For this reason, many new arrivals to areasor communities where Talley Properties has a presence move toward them since they are the premier property management company in the region.

Cities of Operation

Talley Properties ensures that you are insulated from stress - whatever the issue. It provides you with more time and freedom at your disposal. The company has a wide footprint and operates rental homes, condos and apartments in cities such as Gaston, Harrisburg, Dallas, and Monroe, among others.

Contact Information

If you have a rental home in South or North Carolina which you want managed efficiently and with complete trust, contact Talley Properties Inc. at 704.332.2206. If you’d like to know the area over which the company operates, or more about how it runs its business, click on to find out more information.