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Ice Cream Socials

Charlotte Property Management
While for me ice cream socials bring up memories of school and a lot of bullying, I still enjoy the idea of them. If you own an apartment building or complex, then you probably have a lot of residents that don't know each other. While this may be the way some people want it, I know that personally I try to get to know all of my neighbors. I always feel awkward about knocking on their door or ringing their doorbell, though. This is when an activity such as an ice cream social comes into play.
Getting your apartment building to have an ice cream social is something that can benefit your residents in so many different ways. The main objective for me is to get a group of people who live close to one another together in the same spot for a good reason. It isn't something negative like a meeting to resolve an issue which will have high negative emotions, so people will generally be in a better mood to get to know their neighbors. This is always a good thing, since neighbors that know each other are more likely to look out for those who live close to them.
Let's look at another good point in support of an ice cream social: who doesn't like ice cream? Especially now with the appearance of lactose free ice cream, almost anyone can enjoy the glorious substance that children and elderly people alike seek out on hot days for a bit of refreshment. Even if you don't want to buy a bunch of ice cream, Italian ice is a wonderful alternative that almost everyone can enjoy. You can grab large amounts from a specialty store like Rita's, or single servings from your local grocery store for those who would rather not consume the ice cream for whatever their personal reason is.
In the summer, having something that gets your residents together may be difficult to organize but it is almost always worth it. Getting people to know each other is something that can really only be beneficial and again, almost everyone loves a cool flavored treat during the heat of the summer. In fact, I think I'm going to go get a popsicle. It's a great way to cool off and I still enjoy when my tongue turns different colors from them.