Providing a good service is the best sales and marketing tool, especially for property management. Simply mentioning on the property website that the best service will be provided is not enough, as people expect you to deliver. Prospects or potential tenants often check social media and tenant reviews to find out whether they can indeed expect impressive and professional service.


In today's world of networks and connectivity it is not easy to get away with poor service, and in fact most people expect to be surprised by excellent service, since many companies are able to deliver this now. Here are a few tips that can improve the quality of service considerably.


Listen Attentively to Residents


Each tenant is different, and will have their set of requirements. It is therefore important to know you tenants more by initiating conversations and asking pertinent questions. Now only will property manager learn new things about tenants, but also establish more connectedness with residents, which can result in more loyalty. Property manager should also be able to customize responses according to the type of tenant he is responding to, and avoid unnecessary confrontations.


Finding Opportunities to Connect


In a large community, it is often difficult to maintain close relations with all tenants. However, property management should not miss any situation where there is a possibility to interact and establish marvelous communication. Simply things like sending thank-you notes as per the situation or acknowledging an important event in their lives can go a long way in forming outstanding relationships. Additionally, make sure all office staff is able to recognize tenants when they call or walk into the office.


Quicker Responses


Responding to questions, complaints, and issues of tenants is the basic duty of property management. However, you can stay ahead of the competition when you have a very quick response time. The level of your service will significantly improve when you are able to respond within a few hours, even if it is just acknowledging the complaint, and assuring them that it will be attended to shortly.


Deliver as Promised


The result counts the most, and if you are unable to deliver on your promise, no amount of strong or cohesive relationship will make any difference. If you are setting certain expectations, make sure you are able to deliver. Simply mentioning various services and not delivering can have much more negative impact, compared to offering fewer services and delivering them. Trust is built by not only doing what was promised but also doing it on time.


Identify Areas for Delivering Special Services


For rising above the competition, it is now necessary for property management to identify areas for delivering specialized or standout services. In a service-oriented market, it is not possible to survive without providing basic services, but that is provided by almost everybody, and when you need to compete, you need to think of unique ways that can surprise your tenants with services that they would not normally expect. For instance, providing some extra service for pets or having much better security system will definitely impress tenants.