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Keeping the Property Free of Bugs and Pests

With the onset of fall, many bugs and pests try to get indoors where the temperatures are warmer. Once they come into the units, they tend to hide and create a lot of nuisance for residents. All across the country, the nuisance of stinkbugs is becoming a major problem. According to studies, BMSB (Brown Marmorated Stink Bug) came for Asia and it has been a major menace across 41 states.


An Imported Pest


These bugs have increased alarming in number because they reproduce fast, and there is no predator in the country that feeds on this bug. Stinkbugs as the name suggests give off an unpleasant odor and create a nuisance by buzzing around renters and everyone else. Apart from creating nuisance for people, they are known to cause major damage to fruit crops.


Most properties are finding it very difficult to keep this bug out, especially during the colder months. The scientists at US Department of Agriculture are testing the genome of this bug, and trying to develop traps and use of certain wasps to reduce their numbers. In urban settings and on properties, it becomes even more difficult to destroy these bugs due to the restricted use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Here are some tips that property management could implement to reduce this nuisance.


NPMA (National Pest Management Association) has given certain useful guidelines for reducing the incidence of stinkbugs on a property this fall:


§  Moisture has to be eliminated as much as possible, which means keeping the bathrooms and kitchens dry, and repairing clogged drains and leaking pipes.

§  Prevent the entry of stinkbugs and other pests by sealing all crevices and cracks using steel wool and caulk. Additionally, install screens on chimney openings and for vents in the attic.

§  Check for loose mortar and poor weather stripping and replace the same, especially around windows and basement foundation.

§  To prevent brining these bugs inside the unit, educate tenants to inspect grocery bags, boxes, and luggage before they bring them inside their homes.

§  Make sure garbage is stored in sealed receptacles on the property, and encourage tenants to wash off used plates and pans regularly and avoid a pile up.


Stinkbugs like indoor areas that remain undisturbed and their prime spots for nesting are under boxes and furniture. Therefore, make sure to prevent clutter from taking root inside and outside of units. Rooms that remain locked up should be aired and cleaned at least once a week. Property management staff can carry out inspections before and during fall season to look for crevices, cracks, and the condition of windows and doors. Additionally, check for holes in screens and have them replaced.


A Growing Problem



All these tips will help in keeping other pests like rats, spiders, and cockroaches out as well. Pests not only create health hazards but also cause extensive damage to structures. All the above preventive measures will reduce the chances of infestation; however, keep a lookout for increase in pests on the property. If there is any sign of possible infestation, immediately call a professional pest control service.