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Keeping Your Property Secure Part II

Charlotte Property Management
Since the spring is now slowly slipping into summer, we wanted to send a few ideas your way about how to keep your property safe. Statistically, the summer and the holidays are the two most popular times of the year for burglaries, and these often leave you with bills and a broken sense of security. This is especially true if you have properties that you rent out. Not only do you want to keep your investment safe, but your tenants as well. Here are a couple of ideas about how you can keep both of these without having to worry.
1. Security Systems. Of course installing a security system is going to be one of the best ways to keep everyone and everything in your home safe. However, sometimes this isn't always a possibility. This may be due to location, money, or a number of other factors. However, if you are able to install a security system, we highly recommend it. Ones that automatically call emergency response are more expensive, but they are often the best ones to have in the event of a break in.
2. Fake Security Systems. A trick that many people use is to pretend that you have a security system. This can be achieved by putting a security system sticker in your window or a small box on the wall that is within view of a window which looks like an alarm center. Often, this will deter criminals from trying to break into your home and it doesn't cost anything. While we do not suggest this as a permanent solution, it is always something you can consider as a temporary or last minute deterrent. Just don't be too surprised if someone doesn't fall for it and does end up breaking in. It is unfortunate, but the real thing is always better.
These are two super easy ways that you can help to keep your property safer than doing nothing. As we said, a security system will always be your best bet, however we do understand that these aren't always an option. Check back soon to see other things that you can do to secure your home during the summer while you are relaxing on a beach far away.