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Landlord Tips Part Four

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This is the last of our Landlord Tips article series, for now at least. We have covered a few topics that are important to many landlords and tenants both. Here are a few miscellaneous tips that didn't fit into any of the other articles but are important all the same.
1. Screening Tenants. This is arguably the most important thing to do as a landlord. You cannot accept any random person off the street and expect them to make the payments each month. Always ask for credit scores, references, and be sure to interview those who you are interested in renting to. It is always important to remember that age can make a big difference in some of these situations though. If someone is a first-time renter, they obviously cannot produce previous rental history and probably don't have much credit history. This is why meeting is also a large factor of the screening process.
2. Know Your State's Laws. When it comes to being a landlord, you always want to be protected in every way that you can. This includes knowing both the rental laws that protect you as a landlord and those that protect residents. You always have to assume that your tenant will do research to see what they can be protected against, whether they do that or not. Knowing both sides of the law is an invaluable resource for a landlord. The great thing now is that you can research online and print out some papers so you can always consult it at a later date if needed.
3. Market Your Apartment. Marketing your apartment has probably changed either since you were a renter or even since you became a landlord. Newspapers are not popular anymore for finding apartments. In fact, the majority of searches are done online. This means that you need to acquaint yourself with the websites and apps that most people use as well as take pictures and post listings. If you are unsure how to do this, a realtor is always a great investment.
These past four articles have not been an all-inclusive guide to being a landlord, but we do hope they have helped you even just a little bit. You never know how things are going to be a few years from now when it comes to being a landlord, but we will do all we can to help prepare you for the here and now!

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