Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers

In almost all property management agreements the responsibility for maintenance vests with the manager or property management company. A high standard of maintenance is the hallmark of a fantastic and committedproperty management company and something most don’t take lightly. A well-maintained property has fewer problems, happier tenants, and less pressure on the property manager.

A Crucial Checklist

More often than not all homeowners and property managers develop a property maintenance checklist which helps them keep their property in peak condition. Here is a typical maintenance checklist which covers most areas but can be amended to suit a particular property.

Inspect the roof regularly and certainly at least twice a year. You’ll have to do this more often during fall to clear dead leaves which are liable to block the gutters. If the property is in a storm prone area, inspect it after every bad storm to check for weather damage. Also look out for insect damage. Check out the guttering for leaf deposits and any blockage which can strain the metalwork or allow a torrent of water to fall on an outside wall.

Check the outside walls twice a year for signs of penetrating damp or rising. Inspect the damp proof course to make sure that there is nothing like a heap of earth piled against the wall likely to bridge it.

Inspect ceilings and outside walls every month for signs of rising damp, penetration or condensation. Check out the condition of the paintwork all over especially on woodwork and walls.

Check the attic or loft for signs of rot or woodworm and the inside of the roof for any indications of leakage. If the water tank is located here check the piping and insulation.

Schedule regular checks of plumbing and heating and especially when the weather becomes extremely cold. Before the onset of winter check pipe insulation and renew it if needed. If there’s a boiler this needs to be serviced annually at least. Check all faucets and change washers if they drip. Clean toilets weekly to ensure that they are stain-free.

Take a cursory look at the electrical wiring because it is generally concealed. Look out for any exposed wiring which should be attended to immediately.

Inspect the outdoors once every few months especially after fall when all the leaves have fallen. Ensure that the grass is mowed regularly and borders trimmed. Remove debris and clean off oil slicks or patches. Keep the garden well maintained. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the appearance of the property.

The Professional People

Talley Properties is one of the oldest and best-known property management companies in Charlotte NC. It specializes in mid-range to high end residential and commercial properties not just in the Charlotte region but also the surrounding counties. Over the thirty years and more that the company has been providing property management services to the community it has developed its own maintenance schedules. It also has a list of tradespeople and skilled technicians it hires when needed. Talley Properties sets a high maintenance standard which is much appreciated by both tenants and owners.