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Preventing Unwanted Guests and Break ins

Summer is a dangerous time. I don't mean just water park accidents or injured limbs, I mean for property owners. The two months that are most common for break-ins are July and August, and most occur during the day. Although the normal thought is that burglars strike at night, most people breaking and entering will do so during the day so they have less of a chance of running into someone while they are committing a crime. Although this is an unfortunate truth, there are approximately four burglaries a minute. What can you do to help your rental property avoid being a target or hit for a break-in?
1. Make sure the windows and doors are locked to the best of your ability. Although you may not have full control over this if your space is currently rented, do your best as a well-meaning landlord to remind your tenant that break-ins can happen anywhere. About 30 percent of burglars will enter areas through an open door, window, or other accessible area instead of resorting to force. Also, if your entry points are older, look to have them replaced. If the doors are older and wooden, find a way to put in new solid doors, either wood or metal. About 33 percent of burglars enter a residence though the front door, as they are normally rather easy to kick or bust in. Single pane glass is similar, and will cost more to heat and cool during the more extreme temperature months as well. Simple maintenance can help prevent an attack.
2. Look into a security system. Although expensive, security systems are well worth the cost. Not only do they give your renter peace of mind, but they also show that you care enough about your property and them to spend the money to keep everything safe. According to the FBI, the average loss during a burglary is worth around $2,200. This is above the amount a simple security system costs, and once coupled with the fact that it is than 13 percent of victims receive their property back, it almost begins to pay for itself. A quick web search of security companies in Charlotte NC will bring you all the information you will need.
3. Keep your building well lit. Burglary is a crime. Naturally, light is counter-intuitive for criminals and so having a well-lit exterior will help to deter crime from happening in and around your rental property.
These tips are not fool-proof and they will not stop 100 percent of burglaries, however they are a good starting place for those who want to protect their buildings. Always look into what you can do to make yourself and your clients safer.