It’s probably that unwavering voice in your head that went “common! Do it! Purchase that property. Right now is the perfect time! Hold it for now! Hold it a little bit longer, now, sell it out! ” Thanks to listening to that voice, you successfully managed to emerge as a property investor!

Wow! You actually made it! Feels super awesome right? Well, we at Talley Properties share the same sentiments. We focus on making property investors grow richer even their sleep. Thrilled already?

Read on all you seasoned housing investors. Potential investors qualify reading this too. Did you know 90% of millionaires all over the world become so after investing in real estate? Interesting fact!

Talley Properties in a nutshell

Looking to make investments in the housing industry? Talley Properties are here for you! Ready to meet and even exceed your expectations’, we are no ordinary property agents. Risking operating without us is a slow death sentence on your housing investments. We work intensely and passionately to deliver topnotch value for your money at the same time achieving success.

Amazingly, we handle all your property management, home leasing and property listings. There is more! We are on reach 24/7 on voicemail. Sounds awesome right? No more stressing when your property water mains bust.

And those adrenaline filled gas emergencies? YES! Those too are no longer your worries with Talley Properties. Incredibly, we also take care of those ever changing legal home leasing requirements you must follow. At Talley Properties, we got you covered.

Your money works for you now! And we, Talley Properties, acting as agents on your behalf take care of all your property management, home leasing and home listing requirements. Yes! All! We’ve been doing so in Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, Rock hill and SC since 1980. Try us!

Why Talley Properties?

Juggling through your careers, family, and a dozen other life responsibilities can get overwhelming. Your property investments should not add to the pressure. With Talley Properties, all you need to do is seat back and watch your property investments flourish. It is Just like watching grass growing or wet paint drying! Definitely a must experience!

Are you a virgin investor when it comes to property management home leasing and property listings? Or you’re the seasoned kind of investor? Amazingly, we handle both. Below are more reasons you should choose us, Talley Properties for your property management, home leasing and property listings.

-  Reliable – you need us? We are there! No Excuses!

-  Passionate work force- Following your bliss truly does pay. Our team is a living testimony.

-  Thorough research- Need market information on your property management, home leasing or property listings? We leave no stone untapped. With us, you’re well equipped and updated.

-  Wealth of Knowledge- Who do you turn to for your property management, home leasing and property listings? Choose us and within no time, you’ll be living an abundantly filled life. One that most people only dream of.

-  When it comes to property management, home leasing and property listings, we are simply the best! Why? Simple! We are result oriented. You set goals on your property, we achieve them for you.

Four major benefits using Talley Properties as your property agents

-  Mortgage fraud protection- As your agents in property management, home leasing and property listings, Mortgage fraud are two words that will never make it to your personal dictionary.

-  Our services will render you privileged as we transform your investments to wealth generating ones. YES! We are that good! Our high ratings and referrals are proof.

-  Topnotch, professional advices -Thanks to over a decade of exposure and experience, we are well equipped to offer you expert advices when needed. We are qualified for all your accounting, book keeping, rent collection, searching for and screening tenants as well as maintenance services. This applies on your Property management, home leasing and property listings.

-  Better deals! Thanks to our highly skilled work force, enjoying ideal deals is inevitable. We ensure as your property agents, you get the best out of every deal. Choose Talley Properties today as your agents in property management, home leasing and property listings to enjoy insanely incredible deals.


Try Talley Properties today! It’s a decision you’ll forever be grateful you made.