Gastonia property management can focus on the events held by the apartment community to improve their Facebook presence. Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing events like a pool party, open house, or even lease-up events. It is the largest social networking site, and each Facebook user is usually connected to about 75 events, groups, and community pages. Leveraging social networks is the best way of forming better relationships with existing tenants and prospects. Here are some tips that can help promote community events on Facebook.

Strategy and Planning

It is first important to form a strategy on how to use Facebook for Gastonia property management. From the staff team select a person who is most socially active and having the maximum number of contacts. Such a person will be ideal for leading and organizing the required strategy and planning the operations. Once you have decided on the event, you need to consider carefully what would be the best date for holding the event. People should be relatively free to attend the event, and property management should have enough time for spreading the news of the event.

You need to create a fresh entry on Facebook for even events that are held monthly, as Facebook does not have any solution for recurring events at present. Promotion of the event should begin a few days before you create the event of Facebook.

Creation on Facebook

Creating an event on Facebook is quite straightforward. Log in, go to your profile page, and find the Events tab. Under that tab, click on the See All link and then on the right top corner of your screen click on +Create an Event.

In the form that opens, provide the where, what, and when information. Make sure you provide a catchy title for the event and use a photo to attract attention. It is better to have photo of people rather than simply the venue, for receiving a better response, and certainly more of them. You could use photos of people attending a similar event in the past.

Sharing Invitations

There are many ways to share event invitations through Facebook. First obvious way is inviting Facebook friends. However, consider the local nature of your community event and select people who are locally available or those who do not mind travelling. Another window to open for sharing invitations is to include email addresses from your database by copying and pasting them. This is a strategic and prudent way of inviting people who are not connected with Gastonia property management through Facebook. Another way is to post the event on your profile every week, until the date of the event.

Promotion of the community event can also be done by:

  1. Posting flyers at local businesses and in common areas
  2. Including the Facebook event link in email signature
  3. Posting the invitation on Social Ads by purchasing them on Facebook
  4. Include the event link on Gastonia property management blog and website
  5. Make the event picture as your profile picture