Providing multiple options for paying rent

One of the most important jobs of property management is to get tenants to pay their full rents on time. This is quite a tricky task, even when you have a friendly reminding strategy and stringent measures in place to punish delinquencies. Certain studies that were conducted, found that tenants were more likely to pay their rents on time when they had access to multiple and convenient payment options.


Digital Payment Options are Preferred


These studies also revealed some interesting facts about the preferences of most tenants. Apart from having multiple payment options, most tenants now prefer the convenience of online transactions and ability to pay their rent through mobile channels. The study revealed the emergence of the following trends:


  1. More than three quarters of tenants use more than one payment option every month
  2. Tenants feel it is important for them to have multiple options for getting their bills and making payments
  3. Tenants who were provided with the facility of electronic billing, found they were able to manage finances much better
  4. People who pay their bills through their mobile phone has increased by about 50% in the last couple of years
  5. More than 70% people, who are online even once a week, prefer to pay their monthly bills online.


This study has revealed the shift in preferences on how people choose to pay their bills. Therefore, it is important for property management to provide the options that their tenants now prefer. The study also revealed that tenants who paid their rents online were much less likely to be late with their payments compared to tenants who paid the rent through the mail or any other offline method. Hence, the best strategy would be to provide not only online payment options, but also to encourage tenants to use this mode of payment. 


What Tenants think of Online or Mobile Payment Options?


It is interesting to note, why tenants like to pay their bills through online or mobile channels. According to the study, more than half the people said that they preferred these payment options since they saved time, while 45% people preferred them because they could access it anytime and from anywhere. However, the majority agreed that electronic billing and online payment options were very convenient, considering their busy schedules, and it enabled them to make payments when they were on the go.


Additionally, over 90% of the tenants like paying their rent online, because they were able to receive email reminders when their rents were about to be due, and were able to attain an immediate acknowledgement when they made the payment online.


Making Life Easier


From the point of view of property management, online options have several advantages, apart from the fact that it makes tenants pay their rents on time. Once the system is in place, the billing process and payment procedures are streamlined, hardly requiring any effort or time of the administrative staff. Hence, from every angle, property management can greatly benefit, when they are able to provide multiple online and mobile payment options.  


On top of this, property management was able to keep less people from trafficking in and out of the office. Convenience counts!