Nothing in this world is ever perfect. Unfortunately, this does include your renter and their feelings about the rental property. While many of these complaints will be about maintenance issues, which there should be a clause about in the lease, there will always be at least one tenant that complains about something else that is "wrong" with the property. Here are some of the most common complaints and how to deal with them.
1. Noise. Noise is just about the biggest complaint next to maintenance issues. This noise can be coming from anywhere. It may be someone else's pets, a neighbor being too loud late into the night, or even a normal neighborhood noise that they were unaware of before moving in. While these complaints can be a problem for both ends, there are some things you cannot solve. The best way to handle this complaint is either speak to the other tenants that may be involved, or offer to add insulation or soundproofing material to dampen the noise.
2. Pest Complaints. No matter how clean the property is, there is always the possibility of pests entering the home. This chance increases if it is a ground level or lower apartment, if the area is damp, and the time of year. Many mice and other critters try to find warmth around the winter time and somehow find their way in. This is a very serious complaint and should be dealt with swiftly and without argument. Don't spend time trying to get your tenant to use home remedies to get rid of pests, simply call an exterminator. Although they may be expensive, the costs of repairs to the apartment or your reputation as a landlord are worth a lot more.
3. Keys. You'd be surprised how often keys are an issue when someone is moving in. Always keep an extra set of keys on hand just in case something doesn't work right. Also, always be sure to change and secure the locks when someone new moves in, as it is very likely that the previous tenants made copies of the keys when they lived there.
Many complaints are things that you can easily deal with or have already accounted for in the lease. Unfortunately, no one can think of everything and so there will always be some snag that comes up. These are three of the most common, and we hope that this helps you when you do have to deal with them.