audience facebook

Leveraging Facebook for building reputation of the property and for getting new tenants is a magnificent strategy for Gastonia property manager. However, for any strategy to work, first you need to build a large audience on Facebook. Here are certain ideas that can help a property manager in this aspect.

Capture Attention

The Fan Page is usually visited only once by most people, as interactions, such as Comments and Likes will be mainly taking place from their respective News Feeds. Therefore, it becomes very important to capture attention of people immediately, by creating salient content. There should be reason for people to “fan” the page, even if they are not going to read the entire Wall. The page should not only represent the community, but also should be unique.

For improving the connection with fans, the presence of a human element is outstanding, especially by focusing on profile pictures or Avatars, and bios. For instance, it would be much better for Gastonia property management to have the faces of their tenants and staff, rather than community logos and property signs.

Optimal Number of Updates

For the best engagement, you should be posting one or two updates in a day. It is not a cleaver or shrewd idea to post more than two status updates, since that would make the Wall crowded. It is quite similar to displaying numerous pictures in a room instead of a few important ones. It is also important to know the differences between a status update and link. When you have included a hyperlink, and you see a thumbnail image below your update, then it is a link. Such links are usually not included in News Feeds compared to status updates. If your strategy is to reach your audience rather than displaying a thumbnail image, then click or the X under the status bar before you submit your update.

Do not Lecture, but Communicate

When you make announcements or statements, people tend to listen, but they will not engage. When you are looking for responses, talk with your audience rather than lecturing or announcing to them. Including simple questions in your communication is not a bad idea, since that will invoke a response. You care about their opinion and reading what they have to say.

Make Maximum Use of Tags

Tagging a photo or video will let everybody connected with that individual view the content within his or her own Feed. For instance, when Bob tags the Fan page of Gastonia Property, everybody connected to Bob will be able to see this photo in their feed. Word of mouth marketing cannot get better than this. However, tagging is disabled while linking Flickr or YouTube for automatically updating the Fan Page.

Set Clear Objectives

Gastonia property manager needs to create a schedule for use of Facebook, and for doing this, setting clear objectives would be the first step. Start with reasonable objectives such as gathering about ten new fans in a month and getting about five comments or Likes. This will provide you with an idea on how much time is needed to achieve these objectives and for setting a schedule accordingly.