Usually realtors consider any person who wants to purchase, lease, or sell property as the ideal customer. However, in actuality this is not the case, as realtors work their own niche comprising of certain price ranges or specific pin codes and so on. Hence, everybody in the business is looking for more listings, buyers, and leads, but in the end the question remains as to who is the ideal customer.

It might be surprising to note that in many instances the ideal customer for a realtor is another realtor.

A real estate agent is capable of bringing a signed contract with money, and not a client. However, you might argue that other agents will be farming the area, where you have listed a home, and they might have potential buyers. This may be true, but you could befriend them and change the competition into a fruitful collaboration. Moreover, the best and easiest way to become friends in today's world is through social media.

Utilizing Social Media

When you are mostly representing purchasers, you would be relying on agents who have listings for your inventory. The reverse could be the case as well, where you are the listing agent and you require purchaser's agents for selling your properties. Finding a random seller or buyer with a complete executed contract and money is not probable, and therefore your ideal customer is another realtor. Befriending several realtors by syndicating power of social media platforms is quite easy.

One of the most important aspects of social media is that when you want to acquire loyal friends you need to be a marvelous friend. This means you will have to give more and act first, if you want to be the leader of your group. You cannot expect other realtors to in your circle to act first. You need to be proactive for instigating a reactive response, this type of approach works reliably well.  

Creating a Syndicate on Social Media

The first step would be to surfing and searching Facebook to find realtors whom you already know. These people could be realtors with whom you entered contracts in the past or other realtors in your office. Secondly, from now on, when you acquire a contract from another realtor, immediately follow them on Twitter, or become friends with them on Facebook and LinkedIn as well.

When you are browsing Facebook walls of other realtors and you come across latest listings, simply click on the share button. This will make their posts visible to your friends as well, which means the visibility of their properties will be almost doubled or trebled, depending on the number for friends in your circle. However, do not forget to insert a call to action in the sharing or your personal posting.

Virtual Networking

You could insert a call to action like - "My friend Robert has listed this excellent property in Charlotte. I always love working with Robert, and if you are looking in this area, please contact me". Since the agent's name is tagged by you, the agent will automatically receive an email from Facebook about him being mentioned in a post, and this will demonstrate your proactive help in marketing his listing.