Before you read any further, no, this article is not about making sure that your residents are "fit". This article will be about possibly giving your tenants the tools with which to be fit. While this obviously isn't always possible for you to do, it is always useful to have new ideas regarding how to utilize possibly unused space.
If you are renting out a single house, this probably won't be viable for you to do. If, however, you own an apartment building or complex, you may find that it is worth your while, and your cash, to use a room to promote fitness among your residents. If you have a room that is not used, even a basement room, it can be redone and loaded with fitness equipment. With the large jump in fitness awareness, it is certainly something that would be a large selling point for many people. Being able to head to a room that is close to their home for any amount of time, at any time of the day depending on where it is located, can help to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone who lives in your complex.
If you have a room that either was not utilized or had, perhaps, vending machines, this would be a perfect area to transform. You may want to look into the possibility of partially soundproofing the room, especially if it is connected to residential areas. Otherwise, you will have to have certain hours that the room is closed down which can prove troublesome for those with abnormal work schedules.
If you do not have the room to spare in your apartment complex, but still want to help promote health and wellness among your residents, you may be able to look around at local gyms. Sometimes, you will be able to find a gym that is close to your building that will be willing to work with you to offer a reduced rate to your residents. Some also offer group rates, so you can always try and drum up a crowd of your residents to all go together.
Now that it is the New Year, many people have their health as a resolution. You can certainly use this to your advantage when trying to upgrade your apartment complex. There is nothing wrong with helping your residents to achieve their goals!