There’s nothing that warms the cockles of a property manager’s hearth more than to have potential residents queuing up at outside his/her office to rent or lease living accommodation. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case today which has forced many property managers to lower their standards in an effort to attract more prospective residents to sign a rental agreement. This has not gone down too well with property owners and existing tenants.


No Longer Neglected


Most property managers are aware of the problems that lie in retaining desirable residents. No longer can a property manager or property owner take their tenants for granted. Clued-up property managers and now becoming pro-active in raising the level on improving manager-tenant relations.


Proper Courtesy


It’s the little things that count like asking a tenant whether anything need fixing in the apartment whenever they meet. Addressing the tenant as Dear ‘first name’ in email communications is a suggestion of respect which is much appreciated. Refer to ‘their home’ instead of the more impersonal ‘your unit or apartment’. Respect the tenant’s privacy at all times. When you want to inspect their homes give them as much advance notice as you can. Show the tenant you care.




Veteran property managers let the owners know that the rules of the game have changed and with the proliferation of vacant properties, it has now become a tenant’s market. Owners and property managers have to exercise more tolerance or else their tenants will shift to rental apartments where the owner and manager are more accommodating.


The Possibility


Property managers have to juggle a fine balancing act between an owner’s expectations and residents who are now empowered or able to exercise residents’ rights. Owners hire property managers because they want their properties and residents professionally managed. The manager cannot lose sight of this primary objective in the face of increasing vacancies and reducing rents. If they do meet their objective, they will not have enough apartments available to rent.


They Know this Area


Talley Properties has been professionally managing rental homes and rental apartments in the Charlotte, NC. region for over three decades now. The company specializes in mid-range to up-market residential and commercial properties in Charlotte and all the surrounding counties.


Talley Properties have established themselves for excellence of service and cordial resident-management relations. The company is dedicated to its owner clients with whom it strives to create enduring bonds. It respects the investment that has gone into a property purchase and works hard to ensure that the client realizes a good return on the investment. If the investment was only for filing the paperwork and the possibility of any damage to the apartment, then so it.


A Flexible and Reliable Company


With its real estate expertise in and around the Charlotte regions, Talley Properties can help investors and home buyers source ideal properties and can offer advice on what the property is worth or what type of rental income it could generate. The company offers full-service management services on properties. It is also flexible in its approach and is open to customized services of only those services required.


With the burgeoning demand for property management services, more players are entering the arena but they do not have the experience that Talley does. Before you decide to hand over your property to a management service make sure it is dependable, competent, and knowledgeable. Also, go the extra mile and check this property management company’s background. Prospective tenants looking for residential rental accommodation are urged to explore their tenant philosophy.