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Facebook is a powerful platform for property management to improve their online presence and publicize the property. However, a poorly designed or badly executed Facebook page can be more damaging than not having a page. Facebook is a social networking site and direct selling techniques or strong pitches, almost always fail. The present generation is quite distrustful of direct advertising, and when you are asking such people to “like” a Facebook page filled with sales pitches, you can imagine the response.

The Best Approach

As in any other business, in property management too, the priority should be on building a two-way communication on Facebook. The landing page does not have to be a lengthy description about the property, and its phenomenal and gorgeous features. In fact, hardly anybody cares and nobody bothers to read through or even scan through lengthy descriptive content. Rather having such boring stuff, the better approach would be a call of action.

To succeed in this aspect, it is paramount for property management to know their audience. Unless you can gauge the preferences of your audience, coming up with interesting content can be very difficult. What do people like to hear about, or what information they would consider valuable. Basic questions you should be asking when developing Facebook content.

The Big Picture

If the property consists of apartments, then most people living in apartments would be interested in shopping deals, festivals, special events, and things to do in the area. Additionally, content can also be designed around breaking news stories and trending topics. The main aim is to develop content that is not only interesting but also that generates interaction and engagement amongst your followers.

Know Your Community Members

Direct demographics will also play a major role in developing content. If majority of the community is over 55 years old, the latest rock band or hip hop event may not be of much interest to them. On the other hand, such a community will be quite interested in shopping deals available in the area. Such content is valuable to them, and before you know it, many of them would have started sharing their own information about where they are able to shop for the least prices. Hence, you have not only engaged your audience, but also started to generate interactions amongst them, which can translate into many valuable comments.  

Facebook Analytics

Lastly, it is also important to keep track of the content being liked and the content that is being ignored. Catering to various preferences and developing appropriate content can be quite tricky and you can only learn from your past mistakes and successes. Therefore, Facebook Analytics will play a major role in determining the feedback to the content you are posting.

You need to go beyond the objective of just getting “like” clicks. Your content should also appear and stay on somebody’s news feeds. For tracking this, check the number of clicks on “Hide Feed” on Facebook Analytics. Ultimately, what matters is the thing your audience wants to hear about, and therefore knowing your audience should be the primary objective of property management.