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Things Property Management should Avoid on a Facebook Fan Page

Different social media platforms, especially Facebook are an excellent tool for property management to improve business, and maintain outstanding relationships with tenants. An impressive presence can be developed on social media with a low budget, but it does take time and careful planning. When you have a Facebook presence, one of the objectives would be to build a massive fan base for obvious reasons. Simply creating a Facebook Fan Page is not enough, and you need to post things wisely, to obtain the best outcome. For a property, these are the things you should avoid posting as far as possible on your page.

Vacancy Postings

You do have to promote your property vacancies, but doing it all on Facebook, may not be a judicious idea, especially if you want to build a fan base. People are interested in vacancy postings only when they are looking for a place, or you have premium property or location where everybody would want to live. Hence, when you simply list vacancies, it is not interesting to many people, and you are not going to get new fans or even keep existing ones.

While posting anything on social networking sites, you should remember it is like having a conversation with actual person. If you keep talking about what you want, which is your posting of vacancies; people will soon get tired and will not stick around. However this does not mean you stop posting vacancies altogether. You need to mix a few vacancy postings with a ton of interesting content.


Usually a reminder does not sound friendly, unless it is an update or new information. For instance, a reminder like “rent is due on 4th” may seem out of place, while an update like “the pool will be closed till the 15th of this month for repairs” seems quite helpful. Hence, avoid general reminders, unless they are crucial, and even then keep them to the minimum. When you need to include a few reminders, it would be better to keep them friendly as much as possible, and make them interesting. For instance, you could introduce some contest to make your tenants sign up for online rent payments.

Special Offers and Deals

Everyone looks forward to special offers and discounts, and announcements of these types are quite appreciated and effective on Facebook. However, such promotional postings should not overwhelm your page content, and should blend cleverly with other interesting stuff. Additionally, you also need to consider how your existing tenants are going to react to these promotions. They might also demand a better deal and would not want to be left out. Hence, promotional postings should be occasional and form only a small portion.

What You should be Posting

When you are developing content for the property’s Facebook Fan page keep in mind to provide value or some helpful information. Your posts should be interesting, helpful, and fun to read. Such content will attract new prospects and keep existing fans happy.