As a landlord, you want to have fantastic tenants, who pay rent on time and respect your property. So, if you want reliable tenants, you will have to do some work. Of course, a part of your quest to get the best tenants involves pricing your property fairly, ensuring you maintain the property well and placing ads in multiple places to get your property noticed.

In addition, there are few more things that you should do to secure the tenants you desire.

1. Determine the Kind of Tenants You Want

One of the keys to obtaining the best tenants is first figuring out the kind of tenants you want to work with for a long time. Check with property managers to find out what features tenants are looking for in rental properties in your neighborhood. You can even call up realtors and check with them. Most tenants look for properties that offer easy access to the local school, public transportation, hospital, grocery stores, and so on.

But beyond this, tenants want homes with certain amenities and if your property can offer those amenities, you will be able to attract the right kind of tenants. Some of the amenities tenants look for are air conditioners, dishwasher, neat and safe surroundings, stellar plumbing fixtures, and modern appliances.

2. What is the USP of Your Rental Property?

Why should prospective tenants choose your rental property over others in the neighborhood? This is what will give you the unique selling proposition (USP). Rather than focusing on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, focus on something that makes your property special and unique.

This could be a short drive from the best shopping area, located close to an award-winning restaurant that has affordable dishes, the best garden to bring the countryside to urban life or watch the most amazing and mesmerizing sunsets. You will want to include the USP in your advertisement to appeal to the right tenants.

3. Sell Your Property for its Benefits and not Features

When creating the advertisement for your rental property, focus on how tenants will benefit from renting your property. Usually, rental property ads are all about features – fresh paint, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the appliances. Remember, you don’t want just another tenant. You want the best tenant. So use the ad to demonstrate how the tenant will benefit from renting your property.

Finding the right tenant for your rental property can be tough. That’s why landlords collaborate with property management companies. These companies work on your behalf to get the ideal tenants, so that you can enjoy your life as a landlord. So, go ahead and forge a partnership with a reputable property management company and get the tenants you envisaged and covet. Forging the right relationship will make your life much more enjoyable in the months ahead.