It is necessary for property management to view things from the point of view of tenants to render better service. One of the difficulties many tenants face is on the move-in day. Considering that, most families move from their residence, once every two to three years, move-in day holds quite a bit of significance and they would like it to be as smooth and easy as possible. Property management can use this opportunity to have meaningful interaction and be helpful, which will in fact set the tone of relationship with the new tenant.


What they say is true: first impressions are pivotal.   


According to studies, most tenants come to a decision whether they would want to renew their lease, during the first two days after moving in. Therefore, it is paramount for property management to focus on move-in day. Here are some tips that can be helpful in creating the right impression.


Keep Lease Signing and Move-In Day Separate


Signing the lease can take time, as the property manager might have to explain various terms and conditions in the document. At such a time, the tenant cannot have the truck with all the belongings waiting outside, as the rental will simply add up. The property manager will also not be able to provide the required service, as he will be involved with the lease signing procedure.


Make Sure the Unit is Ready


The unit must be ready before the move-in date, and this is often overlooked. Property management team must have a checklist, and inspect the unit thoroughly the day before, to make sure everything is ready for the tenant to turn the unit into a home. Reacting when something is noticed by the new tenant sets a bad impression.


Add a Personal Touch to the Inspection Procedure


In many properties, the inspection form is handed over to the tenants, and they are asked to fill it out and submit it to the management office. This might seem convenient for tenants, as they are usually busy on their move-in day. However, it lacks the personal touch, and if a staff member assists them in the unit's inspection, it leaves a much better impression, and property management has the opportunity to make sure everything is in order.


Even a Small Gesture Counts


Picking up and carrying even a single box will show that you are helpful, and it will stick in the memory of the new tenant. The gesture might be small, but it reveals your attitude, and it will be appreciated. After the move-in is complete, have the maintenance staff stop by and introduce themselves to the new family.


A Welcome Gift or Treat



Property management can surprise new tenants by leaving a welcome note along with a pitcher of refreshing drink on their dinner table. Even simply leaving bottled water in the fridge will be appreciated. For new tenants, it is highly convenient, when they realize they have forgotten to shop for toilet paper. For just a few dollars, property management can make a fine impression by leaving a toilet roll.