Congratulations on deciding to turn into a landlord! This could be one of the best decisions you have ever made. However, before you can enjoy a monthly income in the form of rent, you first have to make sure prospective tenants view your property favorably and accept the rent you are seeking. This requires staging your home and laying more emphasis on the positives and unique features while downplaying the negatives.

Staging Your Home

Here are some important aspects of staging your home that you should never neglect.

·      Mow and trim: If you have a garden, boost curb appeal by mowing the grass and trimming shrubs and plants to give your garden a neat and organized appearance. Replace broken pots and place a few flowering plants at the entrance.

·      Fix and repair: Anything that is broken or worn out should be fixed or repaired. Pay special attention to faucets, showers, and light fixtures. You may also want to slap on a coat of fresh paint on the patio or porch if the paint is chipping.

·      De-clutter and neaten: Your home should be like an empty canvas where prospective tenants can paint their own picture. So, get rid of the clutter. It also will make your home appear bigger and more spacious. Neaten those closets and if necessary get rid of some clothing to make closets appear bigger.

·      Clean and mop: This may seem obvious, but many property management companies will tell you prospective landlords, especially first-time landlords, forget about cleaning their homes. So, use a bit of elbow grease and clean the floors, kitchen and bathroom. Dust windows, door frames, and walls. If you have a carpet, vacuum it thoroughly and ensure it is odor-free.

·      Paint and neutralize: Most tenants don’t really care for bright and vibrant wall colors. So, if your home has bright wall colors, you may want to repaint the walls in neutral colors. This allows tenants to visualize the home more clearly.

For many new landlords, staging a home can be tedious, and overwhelming. However, a home that comes across as well-cared for has higher chances of finding a renter.

If you think you can’t handle the pressure of staging your home, hire the services of a dedicated and terrific property management company that will handle all aspects of the staging and also run a background and credit check on the tenants, so that you have peace of mind and can be a stellar and suitable landlord. The company also can collect payments and handle any tenant complaint or issues.