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Ways to Set Your Listing Apart Part II

Charlotte Property Management
If you have not yet read the first part of this two part article, we highly suggest that you do. Trying to get the attention of your prospective tenants is the most important thing that you can attempt when it comes to having a rental property. In the previous part, we mentioned two of the more important but more obvious ways to catch the eye of people when they are scrolling through the listings online. Here are a couple more that may not be as normal, but after all isn't that the point?
1. Offer A Bonus. This can mean any number of things, so don't get too worried just yet. Some people offer a month of rent free if their resident pays the rest of the year on time, which is always something that will grab the attention of someone reading. That free keyword is something that will catch anyone's eye, but it doesn't have to be a month of rent. As I was scrolling through listings earlier for myself, I found one which was offering a free bike with a lease signing. Sometimes you will see ones that offer free pieces of furniture and although most people will know that it's just something the owner doesn't want to move, it is still a deal. See what you have and make it work for you.
2. Renovations. Even if you haven't recently redone the entire property, you can still mention small things that have been done. If you have recently replaced all of the screens in the apartment, then mention that! Perhaps you just put new blinds in. These are cheap but people will still love to see that word "new". It doesn't have to be something fancy to catch the eye of those who are looking through these listings, you just need to know what keywords to use. Mentioning newer features and renovations is one of those things.
Although this is a relatively short list between the two articles, it really can make all of the difference in the world for what you are trying to do. Apartment listings can run together after a while and you need to have something that can set yours apart from the rest. Try using some of these ideas and see just how much quicker you have a response that interests you.