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Ways to Set Your Listing Apart

Charlotte Property Management
One of the main things that you are striving to do when you put your apartment listing up is to attract the attention of someone before another rental property does. While some of this has to do with luck and timing, some of it has to do with how you write up the listing as well as what is offered with the apartment. Sometimes this can be as simple as the amenities that are available (such as a pool or on site laundry), but other times you may be able to spice up your listing. Here are a few ways that this can be done effectively.
1. Be Enthusiastic. This is hands down the best way to get someone's attention with a written posting. If you seem enthusiastic about your property, they will be too. This is done in many ways, but we suggest not relying strictly on the caps lock button. If you gush about how wonderful the property is, then you will likely attract more attention for yourself than if you just stated the facts in a cold and boring manner.
2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! Nothing is more upsetting to most people checking apartment listings online than finding something that sounds perfect but having no pictures to back up that assumption. It doesn't matter how well you have the information written up or how many amenities you have listed, without pictures for proof and a way to get an idea of the look and layout of the apartment, you automatically will not get as many hits as even some of the worst listings that do have them. Make sure that you have some pictures that are clear and well-lit before you post anything online.
These are only a couple of ways that you can make sure that your listing is set apart, and if you don't see something that you haven't done yet then don't worry! This will be a two part article listing so that you can get a couple more ideas of what to do in order to catch the attention of that perfect tenant that you and your rental apartment are just waiting for. If you have a method that you have found to work better than any others, let us know and maybe we can help to pass that on to others to help them as well!