If you own a home or apartment for rent in or around Charlotte, NC and have handed the management to Talley Properties, you’ve made a good decision. This property management company has been in the business for over three decades and has established a reputation that other management companies aspire for. It relieves the property owner of the huge load of responsibility of day-to-day management and the problems that come with it. Landlords who have handed their rental homes to Talley Properties are assured of optimal occupancy at the best possible rental rate which provides an assured income on their investment. And they can rest easy knowing their properties are being well looked after.

Obviously this exemplary property management outsourcing service comes at a price. Here is an explanation of their fees.

Advertising Costs

Whether yours is a house or apartment for rent you have entrusted to Talley Properties, the firm still has to advertise your property to tenant or fill it. This means listing your property in newspapers or on property listing websites. You can expect advertising fees to be part of your management contract.

Property Management Fees

The management company undertakes the dutiesto screen and find suitable tenants, collects the rent, maintains the premises, evicts undesirable tenants, and generally looks to the everyday affairs connected with your property. For this it charges you a fixed commission which might be a fixed fee or a percentage of the rent you collect. Like most property management companies, Talley Properties has its own schedule of fees but is flexible in its outlook. Its fees are generally structured on the extent of services you need from them.

Maintenance Charges

Day to day maintenance is handled by the management company. This encompasses everything from plumbing and electrical repairs, heating system maintenance, cleaning and similar varied chores that pop up, sometimes unannounced, with any property. These charges depend on the extent of work done and are itemized and included in their monthly bill. Maintenance on a large home for rent might be quite a significant part of the monthly bill.

Lease Up and Lease Renewal Fees

Fees relating to the lease agreement and renewal of the tenant agreement are payable by the landlord and will be charged as and when the expenses are incurred. A finder’s fee might be charged if a new tenant is to be found.

Talley Properties is arguably the most dependable and dynamic property management company in Charlotte. The company also manages apartments and homes for rent as far afield as Davidson and Waxhaw. Check them out at http://talleyproperties.com/ or call them at 704.332.2206 to discuss their fee structure