If you own properties for rental in and around Charlotte, NC, then this article is for you. Talley Properties is one of the oldest professional property management companies in the Charlotte region and has been in operation for over three decades now. You might as a landlord possibly wondered whether you should hire a property management company or whether you can get by on your own with assistance from an employee such as a resident manager. But there are occasions when you need more help, and that’s when a professionally run property management company like Talley Properties could be an asset to you. Consider these points before you make this tactical and critical decision.

A Depth of Experience Worth Respecting

If you have a condo or home for rent in and around Charlotte, Talley Properties will take care of it for you. They’ll deal directly with tenants and prospects saving you bother and time over marketing your rental properties, rent collection, and dealing with maintenance and repairs. In addition, they’d relieve you of responding to complaints from tenants and will even pursue evictions. Talley Properties has been in the rental management business for over thirty years and brings with it a wealth of experience and know-how which will give you peace of mind comforted in the thought that your property is in the best hands. Lastly, when you hire Talley Properties, you’re hiring an independent contractor so you don’t have to go through the hassle of being an employer. Here are a few other poignant points to consider which make Talley Properties a necessity for you.

Proper Property Management

Talley Properties manages rental home and apartments as far afield as Gastonia, Monroe, and Rock Hill. It has grown significantly since 2004 which has prompted the company to move to larger premises at Westport Road from where they will be better able to serve their clients and the real estate market. The company specializes in management of midrange to high end commercial and residential properties. You can reach the company at 704.332.2206. For details of their services, log on to http://talleyproperties.com/.