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Charlotte Property
Emergencies happen. They are never expected, always inconvenient, and sometimes rather dangerous. What you do in an emergency can greatly vary and everyone handles them differently, however we can all agree that you want to handle them as quickly as possible. For some people, everything is an emergency. At times, as a landlord, you will need to explain that certain things can wait until the morning to be handled. However, you also know that some situations will drag you out of bed at three in the morning because they need to be fixed. As such, there should always be procedures which can be put into place in such an event.
A perfect example is this: the apartment complex I currently live in has a policy that 48 hours' notice needs to be given in order for them to turn off the water for a plumbing job to be completed. This makes sense because there are sixteen units in a single building and only one water cutoff switch which affects everyone. However, my upstairs neighbor currently has a busted pipe behind the wall and, due to the fact that it is a weekend, must wait until Monday to submit his 48 hours' notice. This means that it will not be looked at until at least Wednesday and it is currently Saturday. That is a full four days with water flowing behind a wall with no possible fix. This is not only annoying due to the sound of water running consistently, but dangerous as the water could cause damage to the walls.
I give you this example to illustrate that while set procedures are a good idea in an apartment complex, they can sometimes harm not only those who live in your buildings, but the buildings themselves. Emergencies must be accounted for when you have things like pipes and wiring that can go wrong. Having one set of rules with no allotment for urgent matters can only harm you in the long run.
This is one of the reasons that Talley is someone you can rely on. We help you to offer 24/7 emergency care for things like broken pipes. You won't need to worry about having water seeping into your walls for four days with us around. Give us a call and see how else we can help you today!