From Rental Listings to Tenant Relations: How Our Charlotte Property Management Team Keeps Your Investment Thriving

Landlords take on an enormous responsibility when they invest in rental properties and begin building a portfolio. While it may be a fantastic source of passive income, there’s still a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep those investments functioning and profitable. Between marketing and maintenance and ongoing tenant relations, it can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes it may be all you can do just to keep your investments afloat.

But you don’t have to do it all on your own. Here at Talley Properties, we endeavor to help our clients thrive rather than just survive. With a range of services designed to maximize your return on investment, we can be a valuable asset to the success of your rental properties. Let us give you a brief overview.

  • Get your property listing in front of more people with our extensive online advertising. From Zillow to Craigslist to Trulia, we utilize numerous resources to extend our reach and maximize your chances of attracting a tenant.
  • Tenant Screening. We compile credit checks, eviction records, and past landlord references to create a comprehensive profile and identify a suitable prospective tenant for your space.
  • Lease Preparation. A lease agreement is necessary to establish rules and responsibilities, but they can be tough to craft without prior knowledge or experience. Leave the legal mumbo jumbo to us, and we’ll make sure everything is properly addressed and disclosed.
  • From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we have access to a network of contractors ready to get the job done. Our quick response times to maintenance calls can minimize damage and lower costs.
  • Rent Collection. Don’t settle for late rental fees from your tenants. With Talley Properties, rent is collected on the due date and recorded in our system for your convenience.
  • Paperwork can quickly become complicated, especially with multiple tenants across multiple properties. Rest assured that our IRS-compliant computerized system is well-equipped for paying bills, recording rent collection, and distributing financial statements.
  • Move-In Preparation. The less time between tenants, the more money you save. Unit move-in assistance includes painting, cleaning, and other routine maintenance tasks that will ease the transition.

Here at Talley Properties, we take pride in our excellent performance and quality service. As Charlotte’s best property manager, with over 40 years of industry experience, our clients know that we work hard to produce results. Are you ready to help your investment thrive? Get in touch with us today to get started!

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Rental Property

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to get to work. These are some of the busiest months of the year, especially when it comes to the real estate market. Whether your rental space is currently occupied or you’re searching for your next tenant, don’t let this season pass by without a little “spring-cleaning.” Regular maintenance and seasonal precautions are essential when it comes to keeping your space in tip-top condition. We’ve collected a list of valuable tips and tricks to consider as you get your hands dirty and spruce up your rental property for the months ahead. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

  • Check Structural Integrity. Cold winter air can be very harsh on materials exposed to the elements, especially considering how dry it is. Inspect the foundations, window frames, concrete slabs, and even shingles for anything that may need to be shored up or replaced. Safety should be your number one priority, but addressing regular wear and tear has the added benefit of increasing your curb appeal.
  • Test Appliances & Utilities. Water pipes are particularly vulnerable in colder weather, so double-check all main lines for any leaks. The HVAC unit should also be professionally inspected after keeping your space heated over the past few months. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are operational, and replace the batteries as needed.
  • Emphasize Landscaping. With flowers blooming and leaves returning to the trees, spring is the perfect time to focus your full attention on the importance of landscaping. Simple lawns and elaborate flowerbeds alike require proper care. Lawn care responsibilities typically fall to the current tenant, but you may have to take it on yourself if the space is sitting empty.
  • Consider Power Washing. Power washing is a great way to freshen up your property, and it’s invaluable for increasing curb appeal. From vinyl siding to wooden decks to concrete sidewalks, professional power washing may the perfect way to wash away the dirt and grime of the season past.
  • Prepare for Pests. Flowers are not the only things that come with the warmer weather. Invasive bug species can pose a threat to your rental space. Educate your tenants on pest prevention techniques, use EPA-registered pesticides, and call an exterminator as needed.

Spring-cleaning on your rental property is all about small adjustments and routine maintenance that will prevent larger, more costly repairs down the road. Further invest in yourself by hiring a property manager. Talley Properties offers a wide array of services that will save you time and money. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

How We Help Market Your Property to New Renters

Marketing is essential to the success of your rental property. Not only does an empty rental property fail to provide any kind of income, but it actually costs you more money. Unfortunately, tenants aren’t likely to come knocking on your door if they don’t know about your space. It’s all about getting the word out to as many people as possible and building awareness through avenues that are likely to bring results. That’s where we come in.

Property management agencies are known for their superior marketing skills and industry expertise, and Talley Properties is no exception. We have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to marketing the appeal of your rental property to potential new renters. It’s all part of our services, designed to help our clients get the most out of their investment. Read on as we let you in on some of our top marketing tips and tricks.

First, we adopt an aggressive approach to marketing, leaving no stone unturned and no market untapped. The best and most efficient way of reaching a large number of people is through the internet. Statistics indicate that roughly 51% of real estate buyers found their home on the internet, so we make sure to cater to our audience and their search habits. Here are some of the many websites and online boards that help further our reach:

  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • Hotpads
  • Trulia
  • Radpad
  • Westside Rentals
  • Loopnet
  • com
  • Vast
  • Trovit
  • com

And that’s not all. Here at Talley Properties, we partner with real estate professionals who are familiar with the industry. This strategic networking gives us a leg up when it comes to getting the word out and marketing your property as broadly as possible.

Finally, a big part of marketing your space is making sure that your space is marketable. In other words, is it attractive? Desirable? It doesn’t matter how spectacular your property is if it looks overgrown and run-down. Keeping your property up to date and maintaining its curb appeal will go a long way in drawing potential clients. Talley Properties can help with that!

So you see, a property manager is an invaluable asset in attracting long-term tenants for your space. Marketing can be tough, but we provide the creativity and expertise that will help the process go much smoother with better results. Don’t let your property sit vacant. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing services, and let us help you with your real estate portfolio!

Why Hiring a Property Manager Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

Property managers are a terrific option for busy landlords. With plenty of valuable services to help augment your own expertise, a good property manager can change the way you approach your rental properties. Even so, there are some that believe the cost outweighs any potential benefits. Many landlords hold fast to the DIY approach when it comes to property management, taking on all the work and responsibility themselves. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place! Read on to learn how you can actually save time and money by delegating your task list and partnering with a professional property manager.

First, landlords spend a lot of time making sure that their properties are running smoothly. From marketing and tenant screening to routine maintenance and rent collection, the hours add up quickly. All that time could theoretically be better spent on other, more productive ventures. This is where a property manager comes in. With a third party on hand to help with some of the day-to-day heavy lifting, you’ll have more time to hold a steady job, expand your portfolio, or even pursue new opportunities.

It may also help to gain a more profound understanding of what a property manager can actually bring to the table. Beyond simply automating some of your routine tasks, professional agencies come with significant networking opportunities. Everything from property listings to emergency maintenance tasks requires access to certain contacts and resources. Property managers typically partner with some of the best and most fairly-priced contractors for maintenance and repairs. Not only that, but they can often leverage their wide circle of influence to spread your property listing much further than you might be able to do alone.

Many landlords lack the knowledge and skill that comes with years of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, but what if you could give yourself a boost? When you hire a property manager, you’re gaining access to valuable industry experience that will save you time and money in the long run. Whether it’s knowledge of landlord-tenant laws and lease contracts or foresight when it comes to decreasing vacancy periods, these are the kinds of things that can give you a leg up in the business.

Don’t go at it alone! There’s so much to gain from hiring a property manager that will help you succeed. If you’re in the market, you can’t do much better than Charlotte’s best property management, with over 40 years of regional experience. Contact us here at Talley Properties today to learn more about our services!

Things To Consider Before Listing Your Property for Rent

The decision to list your property for rent is a big one, but it’s also just the beginning of your journey. Now that you’ve committed to becoming a landlord and earning a little extra income, the real work can finally begin. There are several things you have to consider before you’ll be able to accept your first tenant. With the goal of a fully operational and highly profitable rental space in mind, let’s walk through some steps you can take to make your vision a reality.

Prepare Your Space

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that your space is ready for tenants. This includes a long list of inspections and preparations that will ensure the space is safe, habitable, and comfortable. Major utility and structural inspections should be your number one priority, followed by minor cosmetic updates and renovation projects. Give your space lots of curb appeal with a freshly cleaned exterior and lush landscaping.

Capture Photos & Descriptions

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. But what if you could do both? Once you’ve prepped your space, begin writing a detailed description that highlights your property’s best features and amenities. And don’t stop there; back it up with photos that show off the interior and exterior of your space. Be sure to capture the best angles in the best lighting to maximize the effect.

Compare Local Listings

One of the most important factors in deciding on a price point actually comes from beyond the property itself. Compile a record of some local listings. Compare items such as square footage, amenities, and location to see how your property stacks up. With a bit of research, you can decide how to price your space so that it’s competitive but profitable.

Market Your Space

You can start putting your listing description and photos to good use as you begin marketing your space. The critical thing is to get it in front of as many people as possible without spending a fortune. Online marketing is a fast and efficient way to make this happen, but don’t underestimate the power of in-person networking.

Screen Potential Tenants

Even as tenant applications begin pouring in, you’re not done yet. You still need to screen potential candidates to make sure they are an ideal fit for your space. This is a significant part of the process that will save you potential legal and financial headaches down the road.

Talley Properties: Working on Our Clients’ Behalf

The list of things to accomplish and keep track of can be overwhelming, especially for inexperienced landlords. A property manager is a viable option for helping to offset the workload and gain valuable insight into the industry. Reach out to our team here at Talley Properties to learn how you can benefit from our services!

How House Cleaning Between Tenants Works

As a landlord, a great deal of your time and energy is put into looking after your tenants and making sure that they have a safe and habitable living space. From rent collection to routine maintenance tasks, you have a responsibility to stay on top of everything. But what about those gaps between tenants? What about when your rental space is sitting empty?

It can be easy to let these times slip through your fingers in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, but they serve an important purpose. New tenants will expect a clean space, free of any remaining signs of the previous residents. Plan ahead and use that time before a tenant’s move-in date to do a deep clean. Here’s a brief overview of what that will look like for you:

Walls & Flooring

Walls and floors can get scuffed, scratched, and stained with use. Take the time to make sure everything looks as good as new for your next tenants: polish hardwood floors, replace worn carpeting, fill nail holes in the walls, and repaint to cover scuffs as necessary.

Appliances & Cabinetry

Appliances come standard with most rental spaces, so be sure that yours are in proper working order. Also, clean and polish any cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, and scrub the countertops for maximum cleanliness.


Bathrooms should always receive a deep cleaning between residents. The last thing a tenant wants when they first move in is a dirty bathroom. Whether you hire a professional or you decide to do it yourself, leave no nook or cranny untouched: sanitize the shower, bath, toilet, sink, and floors.


Are your furnishings looking a little worn or threadbare? It may be time to get them replaced or reupholstered. The gap between tenants is the perfect time to shop around and make sure your rental space has all the comforts of home.


Access to water and electricity are staples in the modern world. Take a good look around your property, and honestly evaluate the state of your utilities. Are your pipes in good condition? Do you have any loose wiring? Address any problems as needed.


An official move-out inspection will allow you to assess the condition of your space before admitting new tenants. If there are any issues that require fixing, leave yourself plenty of time to resolve them before the tenant’s lease begins.

Talley Properties: Management Services

Let the professionals take care of unit move-in preparation. As one of Talley Properties’ valuable client services, we’ll handle the painting and cleaning before a new tenant arrives. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today!

Preparing Your Rental Home for Spring

Though it might seem like the new year has only just begun, spring is already around the corner! Spring-cleaning is a very popular concept during this time, as people around the world take a step back and evaluate what needs to be done on their property. From deep cleaning to routine maintenance, now is the time to dig in your heels and prepare for the season ahead.

Rental properties are no different. In fact, one might argue that it’s especially important to prepare a rental space before the busiest season of the year is in full swing. But with all the little things that need done, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Where should you start? Read on for some key takeaways and a general checklist that will help you get your property ready for spring.

  1. HVAC System. After a long, cold winter, springtime is the best time to clean out your ventilation ducts and replace your air filters. You may also want to have your HVAC system inspected and serviced to avoid any failures as the weather gets warmer.
  2. Even in the South, temperatures often drop below freezing during the winter months. Double-check your pipes to make sure that the cold didn’t cause any damage, as even small cracks or splits can lead to bigger issues down the road.
  3. Is it time for a flooring refresh? Whether your space has wood floor, carpet, or a combination of the two, you can make sure that they are fresh and ready for the next tenants. Carpeting can be deep cleaned or replaced, and wooden floors can be polished to remove scratches or scuffs.
  4. Sensors & Detectors. Carbon monoxide sensors and smoke detectors keep tenants safe. Test these devices to make sure they are working properly, and replace the batteries as needed.
  5. Spring is typically a rainy season. Clear your gutter of any leftover debris to ensure smooth water transfer from the roof to the downspouts.
  6. The roof can take a beating in extreme temperatures. Prepare your rental space for a rainy spring by having your roof inspected. Check for any cracks or leaks, and replace the shingles as needed.
  7. As the flowers begin to bloom and the leaves return to the trees, spring is the perfect time to refresh your landscaping. Give your property some curb appeal with attractive bushes, shrubs, trees, and lawns. Furthermore, if you have a sprinkler system, make sure that it is in proper working order before the growing season begins.

For more seasonal advice and property maintenance tips, follow the Talley Properties blog. Looking for quality property management services in your area? Get in touch with us here at Talley Properties, Charlotte’s best property management!

How Do I Find Out if I Can Rent My Property?

If you’re reading this, then it’s probably fair to say that you’ve considered renting out your property at one time or another. Given the many advantages that come with being a landlord, we don’t blame you one bit. Take a look at some of the top reasons to get started with a rental property:

  • Passive Income. With only minor upkeep and routine maintenance, you can have a reliable source of passive income. Monthly rental collection is a great way to achieve greater financial security.
  • Tax Deductions. Tax breaks are a considerable bonus that comes with rental property ownership. According to the IRS, you are legally permitted to deduct the “ordinary and necessary expenses for managing, conserving and maintaining your rental property.”
  • Portfolio Diversification. Traditional investment portfolios include the standard stocks and bonds. But investing in real estate allows you to diversify your portfolio and spread your wealth across more asset classes.

With all these benefits waiting to be claimed, what are you waiting for? For many people, it’s that first step that presents the greatest challenge: How do you know if you can legally rent your property? How does one become a landlord in the first place? If this sounds like you, continue reading below as we explore the answers to these questions.

First, check your local landlord-tenant laws, as those often dictate who is eligible to rent out their space. If you live in a suburban neighborhood with an established HOA, then they may have additional regulations in place for residents. Mortgage lenders and insurance providers also sometimes place restrictions on who can occupy your property. Reread the fine print of your agreement or contact the agency directly to find out for certain.

Once you’ve confirmed that your home is eligible to be used as a rental space and you’ve secured a new space for yourself, you’ll need to acquire the proper permits and licenses. North Carolina law states that title owners need not have a broker license in order to lease their property. That being said, you should double-check with your local government to verify that everything is done according to the current standards and regulations.

But, maybe you’re still not ready to take on the responsibilities of a full-time landlord. The possibility of delegating those responsibilities to a property management agency is quite appealing, especially for those who are brand new to the industry. Talley Properties would be glad to assist you with everything from property acquisition to daily operation, just as we have with many satisfied clients over our 40-year history. Get in touch with us today to inquire further!