Allowing Pets

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One of the biggest arguments that we hear between landlords and tenants, and even from one landlord to another, is whether or not to allow pets in your apartment. Both sides make some great points, so we wanted to explain some of the focuses of both arguments. It is important to remember that here at Talley, we respect your decision either way, as it is your property. We simply like to help our clients make the most informed decision.
On one hand, pets can be messy. Dogs and cats both have a possibility to mess up the work that you have put into the unit. This may be from them having accidents on the floor to chewing up or scratching the walls and doors. Often, smells from animals like these can stay even after they no longer live there, especially if there are carpets that were soiled. While much of this comes down to whether or not the owner stayed on top of cleaning, there is still always a possibility of your next tenant being extremely allergic and even a deep cleaning of the apartment may not be enough. Even tanked animals can cause some problems depending on if they like to chew on things when let out or if they smell a lot.
On the other hand, pets can also be helpful for you in some ways. Many landlords require a pet deposit or even additional money each month for someone to have a pet. You can often charge more if you allow pets regardless of whether or not someone has them. You also open your apartment to a wider range of people by allowing pets, as many people will not even look at a place if they can’t bring their beloved companion. Others are medically dependent upon their pet for one reason or another. Although the law states that a support/service animal is often exempt from the law, many will still err on the side of caution and only look where pets are already welcomed.
If you are trying to decide whether or not to allow pets in your rental property, it is always best to think about both the pros and cons. You may also settle somewhere in the middle, allowing only animals that are confined to tanks such as fish or some reptiles. No matter what your solution is, Talley will make sure to find your perfect tenant!

Keep Up With Trends

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One of the most difficult things to try and deal with is keeping up with all the new trends that come and go. Whether it pertains to clothing, furniture, or even social media, trends are constantly changing. While some of these changes may not directly impact you, if you own a rental property you should probably keep an eye on what is currently popular when it comes to housing. Even if the change is small and cosmetic, it may mean the difference between someone wanting to move in and passing over your property for another that is more up to date.
One of the most sought after things in housing that people are looking for right now is what is known as an open floor plan. While this isn’t something you can easily change your property to have, it may be worth looking into if you can modify certain aspects of your rental property to make your layout feel more open. Generally, an open floor plan denotes a mostly seamless transition from a living room to a dining room and a kitchen, or similar configuration. Some houses are almost entirely open and the floor plan only accounts for bathrooms and bedrooms to be sectioned off. Others are open with partitions that can be installed or brought out of the walls in the event that someone wants to seal off certain rooms. There are any number of things you can do to make your rental property stick out in someone's mind.
Even factors like colors can be a large part of someone's decision when it comes to renting your property out. Even though it is only cosmetic, some people will be hesitant to rent a place with features that were popular a few decades ago. If you can picture a 1960s style bathroom with the pink and blue tile, you may have an idea about why something would be off putting. Styles change all the time, but if your property hasn't changed with it you may want to think about doing some minor renovations.
Keeping up with new trends can be confusing, but thankfully there are resources everywhere. Between television shows, magazines, and even the internet, you can easily look at what is popular now. Check out some current pictures and see how they measure up against what you have. We are certain that Talley can find you a great tenant no matter what!

Energy Efficiency

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Owning a home is expensive. This is something that we hear all the time, and it is true. However, renting is also an extremely expensive endeavor. While renting normally means that you don’t have to pay taxes, this is sometimes the only thing that doesn’t need to be paid. While some people may get lucky that they only pay for electricity and any extra options such as internet or cable, others are required to pay for every utility including sewer and garbage disposal. This, of course, is on top of rent costs. So what can you do to help save some money when you are renting?
One of the best things to look into are the energy efficient options for different items in your home. Every little bit can help, even changing out your lightbulbs to more energy efficient options such as LED or CFL bulbs. Although these cost a little more up front, they last much longer and use less electricity over the years. Always check on the packaging to see what the estimated usage costs will be when deciding on what lightbulbs to buy.
Replacing some old appliances may be a worthwhile investment as well. If you are in a location that you have been for a long time or that you plan to stay in for years to come, you may want to talk with your landlord about updating some of the large appliances when they start to show signs of aging. Things like washers and dishwashers are especially important when trying to save some money. Even refrigerators can take a lot of money to run over the years, so compare newer ones and their estimated costs to run next time you are out and see what ones you might like the most. You might be surprised at how much more you are spending for electricity and water than you need to with newer machines.
The final option you can use for a lot of your devices are surge protectors and power strips. If there are some appliances or electric devices that you don’t always use, try plugging them into a strip that can turn off when you’re not in the room. It may seem simple, but the difference can mean a lot when you see that electric bill at the end of the month. Check for other small upgrades, they can save you a lot of money!

Moving Tips

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One of the most stressful parts of moving is having to get everything ready to transport. It's not surprising that forcing your entire life into boxes and the back of a truck is concerning and hectic for many people, especially since everyone has their own style of packing and can have very strong opinions about the best way to do it. While we can't help you move from one place to another, we can give you some moving tips so that when you do move into a Talley property, you can so do smoothly and hopefully combat some of that moving related stress.
A favorite tip of ours is to use suitcases. While this may seem obvious, we don't suggest putting clothes in them. Packing up your heavy items is one of the most difficult parts of moving. Things like books or even some knick-knacks can get heavy quickly, which is why suitcases are the best method for moving them from one location to another. Most modern suitcases have at least two sets of wheels and may have hard shells. They are also nice and easy to roll. They may even be cheap if you can find them at second hand stores and yard sales, which you can always donate back later if you don't want them cluttering your house. They are also generally sturdier than the traditional cardboard box.
Speaking of boxes, those things can get heavy! If you run out of suitcases, you may be temped to use large totes or big boxes to get as much in them as you can. While this isn't a bad idea for lighter things like bedding or pillows, it won't work on everything. Try putting together smaller boxes. You may have more of them than you had hoped for, but at least you'll be certain you can move all of them. There's never a good outcome to carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs when you have an alternative.
There are dozens of ways to get yourself ready to move, but these are two that we see people use time and again. We want your move to be as easy as finding your new apartment through Talley was, so we hope that these ideas help you out. Moving is already stressful, but if you look at some of these hacks, you can make it much easier on yourself. We can't wait for you to use these tips to move into a Talley property!

Some Move In Tips

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Moving is never fun. It is a stressful activity that often causes headaches for weeks. Once you have found a new place, you have only won half the battle. You now need to transfer your entire life over to your new home. While moving will never be simple, here are some tips that can help make moving in a little smoother.
1. Have Water! I cannot stress this enough. If you are moving furniture, you need to be staying hydrated. Especially if you are moving in the summer, some cold water can go a long way in keeping you moving and focused on your goal. Make sure you have a cooler out that you keep close by during the move so that it is the last thing to go into your vehicle and the first thing to come out when you get to your new place. Anyone helping you will be thankful as well!
2. Have A Plan. Every time I have moved, I have had a plan about what goes first and where it goes in the moving truck. Think of packing everything like a game of Tetris. You need to optimize your space, especially if you are moving far. Large furniture should always go in first, but there are ways to use more space than you think you have. Packing books into suitcases or rolling totes is much more effective than putting clothes in there, both for weight and space reasons. Use your clothes hamper as a container. Put tiny things in your cups from the kitchen. You may be amazed at how much room you can save by thinking things like these through.
3. Have Food. Moving burns a lot of energy. Having some granola bars or protein bars on hand for you and your friends is a great way to keep everyone moving until you are finally done for the day. It is also a good idea to have a plan for food to be delivered or have one person designated to pick something up for everyone once you are done. Something like pizza being ordered when the last load arrives ensures that people will get fed without having to sit for too long in a non-furnished place.
These are only three of hundreds of moving tips. While not everyone will like to move using the same techniques, these are pretty universal. Just remember to keep yourself healthy and ready for a long day of hard work!

Listing Photos

Charlotte Property Rental
One of the most important things in regards to your apartment listing is the pictures. Now that most listings are online, there is really no reason for you to not take at least a couple of pictures with your cell phone and upload them onto a website. Many people looking for a new place to live use these pictures to decide if they want to see the apartment in person or not. In fact, many websites even have an option so that people can filter their results to only show listings that have pictures. If you have a nice looking apartment, why would you not want to show it off to everyone?
Something that you need to be mindful about when taking pictures for your apartment is to make sure it actually reflects what the apartment looks like. When you post pictures of an apartment that are outdated or even from a completely different unit, you are technically using false advertising and not only is that not helpful in the end, but may also be considered illegal. Always be sure to only post pictures of the actual apartment that you are renting out, even if they are nearly identical.
Lighting is so incredibly important in photography. Even if you don’t know anything about taking a “good” picture, natural light can really only help. If the apartment does not have a large amount of natural light, be sure to take pictures with plenty of artificial light to help make up that difference. People want to see what the place looks like and that can’t happen if it is super dark. You can always use mirrors to help reflect light around an empty space to make it look brighter while taking photos and even while showing the apartment.
Another important thing to think about when you are taking pictures is whether or not they are clear. Blurry pictures are sometimes worse than no pictures at all because it can be taken as a disinterest on your part to take the time to have decent pictures taken. If your hands shake, you can always ask someone else to help you. There is nothing wrong with getting a little assistance.
Posting pictures will definitely help you when you are trying to rent out your apartment. If you aren’t sure that you can do it on your own, ask someone else. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes!

Afforadable Rent Payments

When it comes to renting an apartment, there are many different questions that have to be asked. One of the most important questions, is how much you want to pay for an apartment and how much you can pay for an apartment. You obviously don’t want to pay too much and possibly be in trouble if you end up losing your job or having to take a pay cut, but you also don’t want to go for a cheap alternative either. Super cheap locations are often too small or are barely habitable, which is never good for those living there. After all, you do get what you pay for.
According to most financial experts, your rent payments should make up about 30 percent of your income. This is considered a good balance of expenses between housing and other things like food, entertainment, and other costs of living. While the full 30 percent isn’t always an option due to other factors, it is at least a good point to adjust from in either direction. It also gives you a healthy perspective in regards to what price point you should be looking at. For example, if an apartment would only cost you 15 percent of your budget and there isn’t an obvious reason why the rent is so cheap, then you may want to reconsider depending on the other rent rates in the area.
It is always a good idea to check around at other apartments in the area to see how much they are going for. There may be one specific area that costs more than the others around it and depending on your financial situation you may want to look there or specifically avoid it. It also gives you a good idea about how much of a deal you may be getting on your rent payments.
At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide how much you can pay for rent. Some landlords do require a minimum income to prove that you can afford the apartment, so be sure to pay attention to any listing that you read to see if you are eligible to even rent the property. If you are looking for a new place to live and have a budget in mind, give Talley a call and see what we have to offer. You never know, we may have exactly what you’re looking for!

What Suits Your Needs?

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Trying to find the perfect place to live is always a struggle. It is even more difficult when you are on a fixed or limited budget. You may have specific requirements that are unique which further reduce the amount of places that you can move, which causes even more trouble. When it comes down to finding a good fit, it can be more difficult than you ever imagined.
Trying to balance the amount of money you need to pay in rent and utilities with the amount of space you need gets exponentially more difficult the more people you have living with you. If it is just you or yourself and one additional person, you can likely get away with a one bedroom depending on your relationship. However, if you are someone with children it can become prohibitively expensive. This is especially true if the kids are a little older and need their own rooms. Kids are expensive, especially if they don't have a job yet to help them pay for some of their own supplies. However, it is still important that everyone is able to thrive where they are living.
Another factor to finding a place that suits your needs is any medical requirements that you may have. While something like a service animal isn’t normally too much of a deal breaker, having an oxygen requirement or needing an apartment that is fully wheelchair accessible can be almost impossible to find, especially at a good price. Not only would you need to find a bottom floor apartment without stairs into the location, you need to be sure that the doorways will accommodate you comfortably and the angles aren’t too sharp for you to turn through. Everything also needs to be at a good height for while you are in the chair so things like bathrooms and kitchens can be huge deal breakers.
Here at Talley, we are determined to help you find your dream home. We don’t care what restrictions you have, we will do everything we can to get you a place that you love. We understand that everyone is different and will need different things, so we are prepared to help everyone find that apartment that fits like a glove. Give us a call today if you are looking for a new place to live and see just what we can do to get you into one of our rental homes!

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