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If you have any experience in any field, you will know that people talk. Whether good or bad, people will talk about others on an extremely regular basis. This is especially true of tenants about their landlords. While it is true that normally you will hear more negative things than positive, many times if a landlord is good the tenant will tell everyone else about it. There are few things as valuable to a rental property owner as a good reputation. Here are some ideas about how to have a good relationship with your tenant.

                  One of the things that I like most about my apartment’s super is that he always checks in on me. While he doesn’t need to do this, he will always make a point of saying hi to me if we are both outside and makes sure everything is okay. He is extremely nice and always asks if I need help with whatever I am doing. Even as a landlord if you are not on the premises, you can do this. When you receive the monthly rent check, you can message your tenant and make sure everything is going okay. Now, I’m not saying you have to check on their aunt’s cousin’s sister’s dog, but checking in is something that is always nice to do. After all, they are giving you a decent amount of money every month so there’s nothing wrong with asking if they need anything every now and then.

                  A friend of mine has been raving about their landlord for months because of the cute things she does. Every major holiday, she makes small magnets or signs and gives them to all of her tenants. Each year it is something different but each year is just as creative as the last. They are normally small and didn’t cost much to make, but knowing that the time and thought went into the projects is something that my friend really does appreciate.

                  Having a good relationship with your tenant isn’t hard to do. It can also be extremely beneficial if you need to find another tenant for a different apartment, as your current residents will likely give you a glowing review to their friends. Never underestimate the power of reaching out every now and then.

Seasonal Safety Measures Part III

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The summer is a great time to get outside, soak up some of that Vitamin D that your body likely didn’t get enough of during the winter, and make some new friends. A lot of that time spent outside will likely be around the home, so if you own or manage an apartment building or complex, there are a few things you may want to think about getting so your residents can enjoy the outdoors while still being safe. Here are a couple of things you can get that may help them.
1. Big Umbrellas. If you have a common area where people can gather, you may want to think about getting a small table or two with some large umbrellas so they can sit down, eat, chat, and enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about the sun so much. While they should be reminded that sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin outside, the shade will almost certainly be welcomed with open arms.
2. Grass. Keeping the grass cut during the summer is something extremely important, especially this year. Ticks are supposed to be even more numerous and dangerous than usual this summer and they love to hide in the tall grass. While keeping it cut won’t get rid of them completely, it does cut down on the chance of someone getting bit and developing Lymes Disease. As someone who developed this a few years ago, let me assure you it is not something you want to deal with or watch anyone else go through either.
3. Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is the bane of many people. While almost everyone will develop an extremely itchy rash, some people are actually deathly allergic to it. It can be very dangerous for children and the elderly to get, as their skin isn’t as tough as other people’s. Remember to always keep an eye out for it and get rid of it immediately if spotted.
While we want to make sure that everyone has a great summer, we also know just how much work goes into doing that for other people. Naturally you don’t need to follow any of these suggestions, but they will likely benefit both your residents and yourself when others hear about how great you are with safety. We hope you have an exciting summer!

Season Safety Measures Part II

Charlotte Property Rental
Summer safety is something that cannot be ignored. While we know that you are always concerned about the safety of your rental property and those who live in it, you cannot be expected to think of everything. Let that be our job. We have written a few articles so far on different safety tips that you may not have thought of before but here are a couple more ideas for your benefit. Let’s do our best to keep everyone healthy!
1. Water. One of the best things to do during the summer to help beat the heat is play around in some water. While this is fine if your complex or house has a pool, there are other ways for people to cool off. This normally involves a hose. While hoses can be great, especially if they are hooked up to a water sprinkler, there is always a small concern about them. Make sure that any outlets that may be on the outside of the buildings are properly covered so to prevent accidental electrical fires. Also, if there ends up being a puddle somewhere, do your best to put up wet floor signs if it is inside so people are more careful when walking around.
2. Cooking. Cooking in the summer is very often a chore. I know I just hate standing in front of my oven when it’s in the 90’s because of the heat both inside and out. When the outside heat gets to a certain point, it may be difficult to tell the difference between the ambient temperature and if there is heat coming from a stove. Remind your residents to check their ovens just in case they forgot to turn them off or in case they have pets that can turn the knobs. This goes for grilling as well, as that can be dangerous depending on the propane tank.
While these two tips may seem like common knowledge, not everyone is perfect. I know there have been a couple of times that I’ve walked into a kitchen to find the stove or oven still on when someone could have sworn they turned it off. Issuing these reminders can only help those who live in your rental property, so don’t feel shy about sending them out. We want everyone to stay safe, so let’s work together toward that goal!

Season Safety Measures for Your Apartment

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There are fewer places we feel safe than at home. We create sanctuaries for ourselves, areas that reflect who we are and how we feel, even when we are away from the rest of the world. These areas are our refuge. We are able to come home and feel like all is right with the world. At least, that is the hope. So what happens when you realize that your home is not safe? Well, if you are the owner of an apartment building which offers this refuge to others, hopefully this is something that you check up on often. The safety of your buildings and your tenants should always be your number one priority. While we know how stressful it can be to take this kind of responsibility for others, we also know how terrifying it can be for your tenants to hand over their safety into your hands. This is why we wanted to remind you of a couple of things that you may want to check on in regards to safety during the warmer months of the year.
1. Check The Pipes. Winter can wreak absolute havoc on pipes, no matter what their age. Even if you haven’t heard of any complaints with a lack of hot water or water pressure issues from your tenants, it is always a good idea to double check all of the visible pipes once the weather begins to warm up again. After all, it is always better to catch a leak or a hole in a pipe when it is super small than when the entire basement has flooded out and no one can take a shower.
2. Check The Roof. Ice and snow can really mess up a roof, especially if it is already an older one. March winds can also cause some problems with shingles if there was already a small problem. Climb up on the roof if it is safe for you to do so, or hire someone you can trust to give you an idea of anything that may need to be done to keep your tenant’s heads nice and dry.
These are two of the simple things that you can do once the weather begins to warm up to keep your tenants safe. What are some of the things that you like to do to ensure the safety of your buildings around this time of the year?

Keeping Your Property Safe This Summer Part 3

Charlotte Property Rental
In the last article we posted about keeping your property safe, we gave you three super simple ways to make sure that you are less likely to have a break in. While we want to remind you that anyone can be burgled, we also want to remind you that there are things you can do to make this less likely. Here are a few more ideas about how you can make sure that your house doesn’t become another statistic.
1. Leave A Car. If you have more than one car, we suggest you leave one in the driveway instead of the garage like you may do normally. This will have the illusion that someone is still at home. If you do not have an extra car that you can do this with, ask some friends if they do and if they would be able to leave it there for the duration of your vacation.
2. Stop The Mail. Nothing is more of a dead giveaway than having days and days worth of mail or papers stacked up in front of your door. This is like a beacon to criminals telegraphing the fact that you are not home. Ask a neighbor to bring these in or, if you will be gone for a while, have the post office stop service to your house until you return.
3. Pack At Night. If possible, it is always best to pack up your stuff into the car the night before you leave. This is because there are less people driving around at that time and it is much less likely that they will be able to see what you are doing if you pack the car after dark. I can remember doing this as a child, so it is something that has been used for many years and may just have something to it.
4. Don’t Post It. This is true especially if you have a lot of personal information up online. If you posts are public or you know that someone can find your name through your address, don’t post that you are going on vacation. Criminals can find this information and use it to break in while you are gone.
We hope that you have a fun and safe summer and we look forward to hearing about your vacations in the sun!

Keeping Your Property Safe This Summer Part 2

Charlotte Property Rental

We mentioned in a previous article that the summer is one of the most common times for people to experience break-ins at their homes. This is generally because criminals know that people travel on vacation around this time of the year. This basically leaves your home as an open invitation to these people if you do not take the proper precautions. Here are a couple of easy and cheap things you can do to make sure that you are not the target of a home invasion.

  1. Let Your Neighbors Know. If you live close enough to someone where they can keep an eye on your house or apartment from theirs, let them know that you are heading out for a couple of days. This way, they will know that no one should be coming into or out of your front door. If they do see any suspicious activity or people, they can alert the police and hopefully minimize any damage that may be done.
  2. Get A House Sitter. If asking your neighbors to keep an eye out isn’t an option, you may want to consider getting a house sitter. I did this a lot when I was a teenager for friends who were going away. This meant that the house was not empty and any pets could stay in the home which greatly cut down on any price the family would have to pay. Just make sure that the person is responsible and hide any alcohol or firearms if they are underage.
  3. Have A Light Timer. One of the easiest tips that a house is vacant is a lack of lights on. You can purchase a timer from almost any store and plug it in so that it turns your lights on and off at certain times every day. If you want to get fancy with it, you can even get one that works through WiFi which you can control from anywhere in the world.

                  These are three of the easiest ways to help prevent your home from being burgled. While nothing is foolproof or certain, these are some good places to start. Always remember to keep an eye out for those around you, especially if you live in an apartment building or complex. If someone else’s safety is compromised, yours might be as well.

Keeping Your Property Safe This Summer

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Now that Memorial Day weekend is over, many people are beginning to head out on vacations. Although the official start of summer is not until around the 21st of June, many people think of Memorial Day as the general start. Although I will say that if your weather has been anything like the weather near where I am, it is painfully obvious it is not summer. We did not get above 66 degrees Fahrenheit today and it was raining. It has been like that for the better part of a week by now. I do feel bad for people who have come to vacation around my area.
While vacations are a great time to relax and breathe while you are (hopefully) away from work and most of the stress of your daily life, there are a couple of things which you may want to be concerned about before you leave. While yes, packing and making sure your pets will be fine may be a little stressful, I am talking about something that can cause more lasting damage, such as a break-in while you are gone.
Summer and the holiday season are when the most break ins occur. This is because they know that a lot of people go away on vacation and will keep an eye out for signs that your property is not currently full. While there are ways to help it look like your home always has someone in it, those tips will be in future articles. The point of this one is to make sure that you recognize the dangers that going on vacations may have to your rental property depending on what you do.
Having a security system is generally the best way to keep yourself stress free about your home while you are away. If you are not able to install one for whatever reason, then there are definitely other ways that you can keep your family and your things safe. It is extremely important to know the trends of break ins in your area and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. This will benefit both you and your neighbors who may also be targeted by criminals. Remember, the one thing that you cannot get back from a robber is your sense of security.

Application Process

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Something that always stresses me out when I have to move into a new apartment is the application process. It always seems to be different for each landlord. Some want you to provide your own credit report, others won’t even look at your application if you try. Some applications are free while I have seen some that were around $120 non-refundable just to look at your paperwork. It’s almost impossible to keep everything straight when you are submitting an application to multiple property locations. Thankfully, Talley Properties realize how hectic this can be and have streamlined your application requirements for each of their listings.
The rental application for all Talley properties is the same, which automatically helps get rid of some of the confusion. You need to provide previous renting experience along with references, your employment history, and information on any vehicles that may be housed on the property. The application also includes a background check for any criminal history (including misdemeanors other than traffic violations), any instances of eviction, and a full credit history. You must provide at least the two most recent pay stubs for income verification as Talley requires you to make a certain amount of money in relation to the rent amount per month. You must also show proof of American citizenship in order to be considered.
There is an application fee of $50 for each person which is non-refundable. If you find that your application is approved, you will also need to have separate verified checks or money orders for the deposit to hold the rental property for you. This is non-refundable as well. You will need to pay the pro-rated amount of the first month’s rent as well as a $250 non-refundable pet fee if you wish to have an animal that is allowed.
The application for Talley Properties can be found here and will answer the most commonly asked questions. If you are unsure about something else you can always call us at (704) 332-2206 and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have. You can also contact us to get a copy of our listings to see what rentals are available that will fit you and your lifestyle perfectly. You can guarantee that with Talley, you will find something that you will love forever!

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