Why Amenities Matter

Why Amenities Matter

When it comes to someone who wants to rent a new apartment, it is all about the location and the amenities. While you can’t do much about the location of your rental property, you do have some freedom when it comes to what amenities you can offer. You may not be able to do much to change the availability of a pool or offer extra parking, but you almost certainly have flexibility on small and large appliances. Amenities are one of the biggest things that will get your rental property noticed, so it is always important to see what people are really looking for in their homes.

Laundry is the amenity that people focus on the most. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay even more for their laundry per load when they're already renting an apartment. Lugging all of your dirty clothes halfway across town to a laundromat when you could be doing other chores is inconvenient at best and nearly impossible at worst. Even dealing with communal laundry rooms can be frustrating, as these are often coin operated and it may not always be easy for your tenants to find the coins to do their wash.. If you have the option to have the washer and dryer hookups in your unit, you will probably have a better shot at renting out your apartment.

Other amenities that you probably have control over generally include things in the kitchen. An updated refrigerator, stove, and microwave can really help your unit get rented quickly. Even something that isn't necessary like a dishwasher can tip the scales for someone who either doesn't like doing the dishes or is often unable for any number of reasons. Never underestimate the difference that something that seems frivolous or optional to you can make to people who are looking to move. It may just be a mandatory thing on their checklist.

While it can be a pleasant surprise to view an apartment and see some of these amenities included, it is always good to actually list everything that can be seen as a benefit in your unit. It is also important that they are clean and working. There are few things more frustrating than moving into a new place and having to get major appliances replaced, especially if they were a main factor in your choosing that location. Let Talley find you the perfect tenant while you see what amenities you can offer!

Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Cleaning Tips for Your Apartments

Not much sounds like less fun than spending your weekend cleaning up your house. Just about the only thing that sounds like less of a good time is cleaning up when you know you're going to be leaving forever. When you are moving, however, this is part of the process. Not only is it polite to clean up before you leave, you want to make sure that you give every reason to get your security deposit back in full. This is often worth a full month's rent and can be extremely useful in helping you with moving costs. Changing where you live is not a cheap process, so every little bit that you can get back will always help.

Leaving your apartment nice and clean doesn't have to be a difficult process if you have the right tools. Things like rug shampooers and steam cleaners can often be rented from local locations which can help you get a better clean than vacuuming alone. These types of machines can be great to rent periodically anyway, just to make sure that your rugs aren't too filthy when you do need to clean them when you're ready to move. It's always best to leave this step for last, though. You want to do your best to make sure the furniture is out and you can simply close the door and not track any more dirt across the newly washed floors before your landlord sees.

Another important thing to do before you leave the apartment is to clean all of the windows. You want to make sure that as much light as possible is coming in. After all, any room with dirty windows will look dirty itself. While this may be annoying, it's important to wash them both inside and out. Many windows will have tabs on the top so you can fold them in and wash both sides. There are even special cloth towels that you can use along with specific cleaner which reduces the chance of getting those streaks that ruin the look of the clean.

When it comes to getting a good clean before you move out, there are dozens of tips and tricks you can use. What really matters most, however, is that you leave it as close to new as possible. A little bit of elbow grease now can only help you with things in the long run!

Making Renovations to Your Apartment Complex

Making Renovations to Your Apartment Complex

When you invest in an apartment building or complex, you generally know at least approximately what you're getting into. The work that you need to do may luckily be minimal, but this isn't always the case. The thing that really sets owners apart is how they handle things from the moment the papers are signed. Even if you don't have much to do, the process of actually getting down to business is almost never easy. If you have owned your complex for a while, you probably know what needs the most upkeep. Even if you have owned the property for a while, though, you may find that you need to close down a unit for a while so you can work on it. This situation is never fun or easy, but much like when you first acquired the property, how you handle it will make all the difference in the world.

Walking into a unit that you know needs to be renovated can bring a lot of emotion with it. Often, the strongest one is stress. Renovations mean late nights, a lot of money, a slew of supplies, and hard work. Even if you hire someone to do all of the physical labor, it can still take a toll on you quicker than you may expect. After all, you're spending a large amount of your time at least thinking about what needs to be done and worrying about something else popping up. Renovating a unit doesn't have to be stressful, but it often is anyway. When you are renovating anything, especially for the first time, it almost always costs more than you expect it to. Just the raw supplies are far more expensive than you anticipate them being. While you may know how much a few gallon of paint will run you, you may not have factored in the tape or the brushes or even the hours that you take out of your days to paint and then letting it all dry and air out. It really does add up quickly.

If you need any help getting your unit ready for your new tenants, Talley may be able to help. We have a long list of trusted contractors that you can turn to for help with a lot of preparation work that needs to be done. If you aren't sure where to begin, give Talley a call. We can get you started in the right direction!

Showing Your Apartment

Showing Your Apartment

One of the most difficult things to do as a rental property owner is get a tenant into your apartment. While there are multiple reasons for this, one of the biggest issues is one of simple logistics. Trying to show your apartment is far more complicated than it really has any business being. This comes down to the issue of scheduling more often than not. While housing is naturally important, trying to get two or more people together at the same time while also being appropriately respectful of their lives is frustratingly complicated. If you've ever tried to make plans with a group of friends, you know how tough it can be when you know someone's schedule. A stranger poses even more issues.

When it comes to showing your apartment, you always want it to look its absolute best. This means not only making sure that any improvements you wanted to make are done, but that the place is clean and bright. This generally means coming in a little earlier to do some basic housekeeping and making sure everything is in order. While you will likely have to be there to let them in, the act of preparing the place will take longer than a couple of minutes. It's also good to get there beforehand so that no one is waiting for you to show up just in case someone is on a tight schedule.

While trying to find a tenant there are other ways to make sure they can see the place, but they aren't always viable depending on the situation. You may still have a tenant in the unit or your realtor may not be able to make it on the specific day or time. Anything can throw a wrench into your viewing, but that's why you can benefit from having a company like Talley.

Talley can help you with every step of finding a new tenant from the preparation of the unit through to the signing of the lease. We know that you have a difficult job as a property owner, especially in addition to anything else that you do for work. Your investment should not be a source of stress when it comes to making sure that someone can see if they want to move into your apartment. Let Talley help you show off how great your rental property is and make sure that you get the perfect tenant in!

Vacation Safety Tips

Vacation Safety Tips

Depending on your current circumstance, you may have the opportunity go on vacation for a couple of weeks to refresh yourself. It’s generally considered to be a time where you can get away from a lot of the stress that you're dealing with, which is always welcome. Unfortunately, it is also a time when robbers and other criminals tend to try to take advantage of the fact that people are not at home. If you are planning on taking a long trip, there are a few things that you should probably consider before you leave. Here are a couple of the most common things criminals look for.

1. Open Doors and Windows
. One of the biggest issues that we see with robberies is that there was easy access into the property or home. It is important to remember to lock up your apartment regardless of how long you plan on being gone, but especially if it is for more than just a few hours. Even windows that seem like they would be too high to get in through can be used by someone who is determined to get in. Ladders and other similar equipment can be used with surprising ease and speed by someone who does this a lot. Be certain that if you are planning on leaving for a while, keep everything locked.

2. Think About Your Mail. Depending on how long your trip is going to be, you may want to have your mail temporarily stopped. One of the biggest flags to a criminal that no one is home is an overflowing mailbox or a large number of newspapers outside. If you are planning on being gone for more than three days, you can submit a form to your local post office either online or in the building which lets them know that you want your mail to be held until a specific date when you get back. If you don’t want to bother with the paperwork for the post office, you can always ask a trusted neighbor or friend to bring it inside instead.

These are only a couple of the things you should think about before leaving on vacation, but it’s a good start. Make sure you keep everything safe so you can have a good time!

Working with Your Tenants

Working with Your Tenants

Every now and then, you luck out and find a tenant that you just absolutely love to have in your unit. When this happens, you are going to want to do whatever you can to keep them for as long as possible. If you get a tenant that pays their rent on time, doesn't complain about little things, keeps a clean unit, and gets along well with everyone around them, you know that they are the kind of people that you want to keep. There comes a time, however, when even the best and happiest tenants will start looking for a new place. If your tenant has said that they are thinking of moving out and you don’t want them to, what can you do? Here are some ideas to help you possibly keep them around.

1. Rent Rate. One of the most common reasons for people to move is due to the price they are being charged. While naturally you still need to make money on your rental property, it is important to be mindful of the rates around you. No matter how much someone likes your property, they can be priced out of it. Make sure you aren't doing that to your tenants that you like.

2. Tell Them. If you truly like your tenants, say so! Everyone likes to hear that their presence is enjoyed, so if you want to keep your tenants, try telling them. It may not change the outcome, but if they don’t think they are being appreciated or that you don’t care about them beyond their rent check, it might help. It will at least be added to a list of why they may want to stay.

3. Ask
. Ask your tenants why they are moving. It may seem simple, but you never know if it may be something that you can work with them on. While things like needing more space may not be something you can help, there are other things that you may be able to work around to keep a good tenant.

When you have someone move in that you really enjoy, you’re going to want to keep them. Here at Talley, we promise that you will love any tenant we help you find. We know that good tenants are hard to come by, but we can help you find the best. Give us a call today and see how quickly we can you find a tenant you will never want to leave!

Dealing With Renter Complaints

Charlotte Property Rental
Unfortunately, one of the things that is completely unavoidable as a landlord is having some of your renters complain. While some complaints may be completely understandable, other times it seems almost silly that such a thing would reach you as a complaint. However, many people either don’t want to deal with something themselves or truly believe that it is your job to mediate any issues they may have either with the apartment or other tenants. So what can you do when you have a renter that complains incessantly?
The first thing that you should always do with a renter complaint is listen and respond. This is especially true if the tenant does not complain often. Sometimes a renter will complain when they really just want to vent. Although this is annoying, you may have to deal with this. Always listen to a complaint and then make sure that your tenant knows you have received it. You may question what they want you to do about it, but the first step is to make sure that they know you have heard them. After all, we’ve all had times that we just want to get an annoyance out of our systems.
Some complaints you may want to tell your tenants to sort out themselves. This is especially true if they have gone directly to you instead of attempting to work it out as two adults. Ask if there have been steps taken. After all, if one tenant is doing something that bothers another, they cannot fix the issue if they don’t know that an issue exists. Sometimes people forget that talking something out can result in a change that is beneficial or favorable to both parties instead of going right to the top.
At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for a renter that is complaining is to listen. Make sure that they know you are there to talk and help a situation if needed. Sometimes, residents may have a fear of confrontation or may not even know how to get in contact with another resident. It is often better for you to receive a complaint than another resident to get a passive aggressive note which will automatically put someone on the offensive. Each case is different, but simply talking things out will work most of the time.

Allowing Pets

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One of the biggest arguments that we hear between landlords and tenants, and even from one landlord to another, is whether or not to allow pets in your apartment. Both sides make some great points, so we wanted to explain some of the focuses of both arguments. It is important to remember that here at Talley, we respect your decision either way, as it is your property. We simply like to help our clients make the most informed decision.
On one hand, pets can be messy. Dogs and cats both have a possibility to mess up the work that you have put into the unit. This may be from them having accidents on the floor to chewing up or scratching the walls and doors. Often, smells from animals like these can stay even after they no longer live there, especially if there are carpets that were soiled. While much of this comes down to whether or not the owner stayed on top of cleaning, there is still always a possibility of your next tenant being extremely allergic and even a deep cleaning of the apartment may not be enough. Even tanked animals can cause some problems depending on if they like to chew on things when let out or if they smell a lot.
On the other hand, pets can also be helpful for you in some ways. Many landlords require a pet deposit or even additional money each month for someone to have a pet. You can often charge more if you allow pets regardless of whether or not someone has them. You also open your apartment to a wider range of people by allowing pets, as many people will not even look at a place if they can’t bring their beloved companion. Others are medically dependent upon their pet for one reason or another. Although the law states that a support/service animal is often exempt from the law, many will still err on the side of caution and only look where pets are already welcomed.
If you are trying to decide whether or not to allow pets in your rental property, it is always best to think about both the pros and cons. You may also settle somewhere in the middle, allowing only animals that are confined to tanks such as fish or some reptiles. No matter what your solution is, Talley will make sure to find your perfect tenant!

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