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Season Safety Measures Part II

Charlotte Property
Summer safety is something that cannot be ignored. While we know that you are always concerned about the safety of your rental property and those who live in it, you cannot be expected to think of everything. Let that be our job. We have written a few articles so far on different safety tips that you may not have thought of before but here are a couple more ideas for your benefit. Let’s do our best to keep everyone healthy!
1. Water. One of the best things to do during the summer to help beat the heat is play around in some water. While this is fine if your complex or house has a pool, there are other ways for people to cool off. This normally involves a hose. While hoses can be great, especially if they are hooked up to a water sprinkler, there is always a small concern about them. Make sure that any outlets that may be on the outside of the buildings are properly covered so to prevent accidental electrical fires. Also, if there ends up being a puddle somewhere, do your best to put up wet floor signs if it is inside so people are more careful when walking around.
2. Cooking. Cooking in the summer is very often a chore. I know I just hate standing in front of my oven when it’s in the 90’s because of the heat both inside and out. When the outside heat gets to a certain point, it may be difficult to tell the difference between the ambient temperature and if there is heat coming from a stove. Remind your residents to check their ovens just in case they forgot to turn them off or in case they have pets that can turn the knobs. This goes for grilling as well, as that can be dangerous depending on the propane tank.
While these two tips may seem like common knowledge, not everyone is perfect. I know there have been a couple of times that I’ve walked into a kitchen to find the stove or oven still on when someone could have sworn they turned it off. Issuing these reminders can only help those who live in your rental property, so don’t feel shy about sending them out. We want everyone to stay safe, so let’s work together toward that goal!