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Handicap Accessibility Part II

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In a previous article, we began talking about the different things to be kept in mind if you are remodeling your building to accommodate those who may be handicapped. While those points are a good starting platform, they were all about the outside of the building. Naturally, someone doesn’t stop being disabled by walking into their home. This means you will need to modify the interior as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about how to make your rental property more accessible.
Stairs are a pain, even to those of us who are able bodied. Once there is a disability in play, even if the person who may be renting the property is not wheelchair bound, stairs become an almost impossible hurdle. If you have a potential resident with a nerve, joint, or muscle disorder, stairs may be painful for them to climb and if the resident is elderly, they become increasingly dangerous. If the building has multiple floors, see if there is a way to install a service lift or elevator. If it is a two story house, perhaps looking into those stair climbers would be a good method to follow. Although they may be expensive, remember that it may help to keep a resident safe and give both them and you some peace of mind about their welfare.
One of the largest problems people in wheelchairs or with walkers face, even in public, is a lack of room. Going through many stores, it is common to see someone trying to squeeze into an aisle or making a tight turn. Although stores are supposed to make sure there is enough room in the aisles for a wheelchair to fit through, they often make the area as tight as possible and then those with a disability struggle trying to get through the area while accommodating others in the store. After a full day of grocery shopping and dealing with this in public, the last thing anyone wants to do is come home and have difficulty navigating around there too. Try large open floor plans with little furniture and wide door frames when they are necessary. The added space will be greatly appreciated and will help the rooms to feel bigger in general.
Again, these are only a couple of ideas to help you get thinking about what you can do to make your property more accessible. Stick around if you’re interesting in reading more!