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Model Apartments

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One of the best things about having property like an apartment building is the option to have a model apartment. If you have a large amount of apartments that you can rent out, it may be more than worth it for you to set one apartment aside so that you always have a way to show a possible tenant what the place looks like without displacing someone else. This also prevents any issue with communication between the current tenant, yourself, and the person who wants to see the apartment. It is especially useful if one of the parties has odd work hours that simply cannot match up with the other.
Another great thing about being able to have a model apartment is the fact that you always know what the state of the place will be. It is always off putting to a possible tenant to get into the apartment only for it to still be dirty or have items in it. I am currently in the process of moving from one apartment to another and can tell you that there were a few I looked at which had just been vacated that were so filthy that I couldn’t look past all of the work I would need to do to make it comfortable. With a model apartment, the only human element you need to contend with is yourself.
This doesn’t mean that you can set up the model apartment and just leave it, however. Bugs may still get in, cobwebs can form, and air does get stale. Sometimes you will need to head in and open the windows and clean out the corners. This is hardly an issue, however, when you think of the alternative. If you go in once or twice a month and spot check the apartment, then there is no reason why it should ever look less than move in ready.
Once you have decided to have a model apartment, the only other option you need to decide on is whether or not you furnish it. This can be done with little to no money spent if you know where to look, which is always a good thing. Go online and see what you can find to make sure that your model apartment is ready for your perfect tenant.