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Trick or Treat

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October is mostly enjoyed by kids for one reason and that is the candy at the end of the month. Halloween is definitely a great time for children, but is often a stressful one for their parents. Unfortunately, people don’t always have the best interest of others in mind and some even like to cause fear and confusion. Although we aren’t saying that this is the case in your complex, it is likely that some parents are not comfortable sending their kids around to get candy from people they may not know. Here are a couple of ways for you to make trick or treating in your complex a little safer.
1. Approved Candy Stations. One great way for parents to be sure that candy is safe for their little ones is by having stations set up that you have already approved. You can have people sign up to sit at tables or something similar so that you know everyone who is giving out candy. They can even be made to show you the bags of candy first so that it has your safety approval before any kid gets to them. This also helps to prevent people who don’t want to partake in trick or treating having their doorbell rung or door knocked on. It’s quite a win/win scenario.
2. Earlier Hours. Although most townships will have set hours that they want people to trick or treat in, you may want to augment them for your specific complex or apartment building. By posting fliers or sending out an email stating what times people can trick or treat during, you may be able to make them a bit safer. You can do this by having the hours during the daylight and making sure everyone is back inside by the time night falls. Although this may not be something everyone likes, it can help to prevent any mischief that may be planned for the evening.
Trick or treating is something that most kids really look forward to throughout the whole month of October. While it may be a bit more work for you to set these things up, it may also encourage some parents who worry a bit more than others to allow their children to go out with their friends and get some candy. Ask around and see what you think would work best for your complex.